Publish 10.5: The Rise of Galaxies

The SWGEmu Development Division

Publish 10.5: The Rise of Galaxies

  • Improved server stability
  • Various Server Optimizations
  • Fixed region issue
  • ​Refactored Combat Manager
  • Fixed logout to no longer leave characters in a permanent LD state
  • Fixed player disconnect message to be sent when a player goes LD instead of when unloaded from the game world
  • Fixed destroy missions to correctly spawn a lair with a name
  • Added Battlefield markers across various planets in the galaxy
  • Added a system message when deleting an item
  • Added a check to validate membership within a player association to resolve some issues where people were part and not a part of a PA
  • Fixed an issue that kept players in combat after being incapacitated or killed by a turret
  • Fixed duplicate commands getting incorrectly removed from command queue
  • Fixed issue with player position being updated when ejected from a structure
  • Fixed issues with Propose Unity including missing functionality
  • Added functionality to change appearance through screenplays

  • Fixed issue allowing more than one attack to execute at the same time
  • Fixed Knockdown, Posture Change, and Dodge animations to fire appropriately and without delay
  • Fixed various edge cases with entry check failing
  • Fixed state only command combat spam to properly display when hitting and missing
  • Fixed armor mitigation combat spam values to correctly account for multi-pool attacks
  • Adjusted initial attack combat spam to be more precise
  • Fixed combat log damage to not include food or Jedi armor mitigation
  • Fixed a combat log damage error when food mitigation was greater than 100%
  • Fixed mount being stuck at slowed combat speed
  • Fixed state application causing creatures to stand up after being killed
  • Fixed when a target is added to a defender list
  • Fixed peace ability functionality
  • Fixed a issue that allowed player and non-player character attacks to sometimes penetrate buildings in certain situations
  • Fixed Fire DOT wound calculation to be closer to live
  • Fixed a possible issue that could allow creatures to remain in combat with a player after the creatures die
  • Fixed a issue that allowed players to avoiding TEF using befriended pet
  • Fixed a issue that allowed DoTs to not expire in some situations

  • Fixed Nyms Theme Park Jinkins and Kole no longer require drag and drop of their quest items for quest completion
  • Fixed Pfilbee Jhorn Endor Painting mission to require all targets to be killed
  • Fixed a issue with Bestine Museum that prevented the curator from advancing through to new art picks
  • Added townspeople, thug, quest and commoner NPCs ability to use new dressgroup function for appearance selection
  • Added missing NPCs to various planet locations
  • Fixed CreatureAreaPoison to correctly apply a poison dot when used by an NPC
  • Fixed NPCs to converse and move around instead of staring into the distance
  • Fixed Black Sun Bunker technician to be attackable
  • Fixed Lord Nyax NPCs to now correctly display their name
  • Fixed pets to now receive the swimming state when swimming
  • Fixed pets to no longer attack while swimming
  • Added a distance check for NPCs and creatures when healing their lairs
  • Removed magseal containers from Sennex cave
  • Fixed orientation of all NPCs in Sennex cave
  • Fixed giant cavern spider recluse NPCs to use their correct name, rather than another NPCs name
  • Added missing Tatooine Big Game Hunt krayt spawns
  • Added contraband scans to function in the wild
  • Added banners to signal which faction controls an NPC city
  • Fixed Bothan ability to receive discount from a faction recruiter
  • Added a chance for Princess Leia and Darth Vader to visit faction-controlled NPC towns to rally troops
  • Fixed an issue and the message given when delegating faction to a player with negative faction
  • Changed timer to resign from a faction as a Combatant
  • Fixed static POI HQ terminals from giving out of range messages
  • Added Corellia Stronghold, Rori Imperial Encampment and Rori Rebel Military Base POIs to be faction flipable
  • Added all GCW flipable POIs to count towards GCW planet scores
  • Fixed a issue with crackdown reinforcements being called when a Probot is killed by an NPC
  • Added hacked and destruct alarms to GCW player bases, but are disabled for now.
  • Fixed a issue that allowed players that lacked the proper faction to control befriended faction pets.
  • Fixed FRS XP to now correctly use caps based on rank acquired and to function like XP caps in other professions
  • Added functionality so that players who have been banned from the game will now lose their FRS rank at the next daily rank maintenance window
  • Fixed a problem where FRS challenges were not ending correctly after one party was defeated or logged off in some circumstances
  • Added a toggle to disable the accepting of FRS Challenges from and voting for characters on the same account
  • Fixed player position updates when accepting an FRS Challenge
  • Fixed Dark FRS so sudden death flag and petition to advance is removed if player advances via the arena

  • Fixed crate appearance to display in the correct style for the type of item they contain
  • Fixed repair tools to now have five uses
  • Fixed resource crates to now correctly sort the resources listed
  • Fixed volume on containers to reflect their min and max storage while examining
  • Fixed items with customized appearances to inherit the base item as "Variation Of" rather than the custom appearance selection
  • Fixed a issue that allowed Aurellian Plants accrue updates when in storage or on vendors
  • Fixed a missing check that allowed unity rings to decay
  • Added ingredient hopper to crafting stations, both old and new
  • Fixed a issue with item transfer ranged checks
  • Changed how crafters name is added during the crafting processes
  • Changed various items being incorrectly set as clothing instead of armor
  • Fixed attachments being destroyed when added to BE enhanced item that already has it's max amount of mods

  • Fixed Jantas to now have a chance to drop Janta Staffs
  • Fixed Ewoks to no longer drop Ewok Crossbow
  • Fixed Death Watch Bloodguards to now have a chance to drop binary liquids and protective liquids

  • Added functionality so that Merchant Tents can now be crafted in two additional colors
Bounty Hunter
  • Fixed a issue where in some situations a BH mission payout was not distributed to all party members in range
Combat Medic
  • Fixed Temporary Enemy Flags not applying correctly when Combat Medics throw a harmful poison/disease in combat
  • Added /ApplyPoison in the game, it will pull poisons from your inventory, and can be further defined with health, action, mind, etc
  • Added /ApplyDisease in the game, it will pull diseases from your inventory and can be further defined with health, action, mind, etc
  • Fixed damage done by poisons being applied to equipped weapon experience erroneously
  • Fixed a issue that did not allow mods/food to work for enhance or wound queue delays, the hard cap is now 3 seconds
  • Refactored the Entertainer and Band functions for Entertainer, Dancer, and Musician
  • Fixed Dancer giving too much XP compared to musician
  • Added functionality to song/dance selection in the user interface
  • Added outro when stopping music
  • Fixed some entertainer effects not triggering indoors
  • Fixed a issue that allowed dead or incapacitated player to could receive entertainer buffs
  • Fixed a issue with stopDance showing music animation when changing the players posture
  • Fixed a issue with startDance and startMusic setting players posture twice
  • Fixed a issue with music notes persisting on player after they have stopped playing music
  • Fixed newly created Jedi Robes to correctly have condition
  • Fixed Jedi Robes to no longer decay
  • Fixed Saber1hComboHit 1, 2 & 3 to correctly display the damage dealt
  • Fixed SaberBlock so that when a attack with a state is blocked, the state is also blocked
  • Fixed issues with Force Intimiadate animation and it's timing
  • Fixed a issue where dots could be applied with Force Powers
  • Fixed force absorbs to be based of damage instead of ability cost
  • Fixed force absorbs to absorb force from force drain attacks
  • Fixed Startle Shot and Startle Shot 2 functionality to work like live.
  • Fixed Supression Fire and Supression Fire 2 functionality to work like live.
  • Fixed /drag to now correctly update for all players the change in location for the incapacitated or dead character
  • Fixed /drag to now scale the max distance to drag with Medical Use
  • Fixed sales tax to correctly distribute the sale's proceeds to the correct person
  • Fixed a issue where Panic Shot functionality was interrupted by how states were applied.
Squad Leader
  • Fixed Squad Leaders to now gain XP if the difference between the Squad Leader and their party members are in extremely high or low terrain
  • Fixed Squad Leaders to now gain XP even if group members are XP capped
  • Fixed Squad Leader XP to now scale for each member and pet in the group
  • Fixed appearance selection to allow variation when crafting ranged weapon components