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Thread: TC-Prime Latest Update 2021-05-31

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    TC-Prime Latest Update 2021-05-31


    We're... Back!

    We are preparing to run tests for our next big publish to Basilisk.

    TC-Prime is running the latest code from Core3/unstable branch to smoke test issues before going to Basilisk for larger community testing.

    Remember this is a test server, it is a clone of Basilisk's data, but it's running the latest code so expect instability and slight differences from Basilisk.

    Right now I'm cloning it manually when needed, but I expect to return to weekly automatic clones from Basilisk in the coming weeks.

    Please feel free to login and play around on TC-Prime, as we get a bit more organized we'll have more specific goals for people to test, events, awards etc!

    The team will be outlining things to test, events, and we will have some easter eggs for people to discover.

    To Infinity and Beyond! .. whoops wrong genre..
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    Oh TC, How I have missed you

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    Quote Originally Posted by asomictrumpet View Post
    Oh TC, How I have missed you
    I agree, long awaited news))

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