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Thread: The Tatooine Dewback Desert Run! - Jan 31st - First Place Prize: A Jetpack!

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    The Tatooine Dewback Desert Run! - Jan 31st - First Place Prize: A Jetpack!

    01/31/21: Due to the server restart, start times have been updated.
    01/27/21: We now have a Discord channel! Everyone is welcome!
    01/17/21: The Race Course Map has changed! Please update your waypoints below!

    Get your dewback mount and join us for a race across Tatooine!


    Before the Race...

    Pre-Race Party!

    Date: Sunday, January 31st, 2021
    Tentative Start Time: 1:00 PM EST
    Starting Location: Mos Entha (1625, 3100)

    Join us for the Pre-Race Party and experience the exciting start of this epic spectacle!
    There will be gift bags for all attendees with millions in gifts and prizes!


    The Race...

    The Tatooine Dewback Desert Run!

    Date: Sunday, January 31st, 2021
    Start Time: Around 2:30 PM EST
    Starting Location: Mos Entha (1625, 3100)

    Everyone is welcome to race! Spectators are welcome to come cheer on the start!

    First Place: A Jetpack!!! And a Race Winner's Trophy!
    Second Place: An AV-21, a 5M Credit Prize, and a Second Place Trophy!
    Third Place: A Stack of 50 Swoops, a 4M Credit Prize, and a Third Place Trophy!
    Fourth Place: A Rifleman Gift Bag, a 3M Credit Prize, and a Fourth Place Trophy!
    Fifth Place: A Crafter Gift Bag, a 2M Credit Prize, and a Fifth Place Trophy!

    And a 1M Credit Prize and Trophy for the Best Dressed Racer! So don't forget your racing suits and helmets!
    (will be determined by our race staff)


    Race Distance: About 52 kilometers.
    Race Duration: Just under 2 hours.

    You can get the Race Waypoints in the following ways:
    1) Email "Sonno" ingame and request a copy. He'll send you two emails with all of the waypoints.
    2) The day of the race, they will be mailed out to anyone who needs them.
    3) Head to Tatooine (very important!), copy the following text, paste it into your ingame chat box, and hit enter:
    /wayp 1635, 3092 Start >>; /wayp 1621, 3092 Start <<; /wayp 5800, 1850 1 >> Go around spire. Head S around Tusken Village.; /wayp 5800, 4050 2 >>; /wayp 2900, 4400 3 <<; /wayp 2150, 5000 4 >>; /wayp 200, 5325 5 >> Stay inside canyon to SW, follow to this WP; /wayp 0, 3300 6 << Stay inside canyon, follow to this WP; /wayp -5350, 2800 7 >>; /wayp -6150, 1800 8 >>;
    Then do the same for the following:
    /wayp -4600, -2300 9 <<; /wayp -6200, -3400 10 >>; /wayp -5400, -4400 11 >>; /wayp -3800, -4400 12 << Watch out for Krayt Dragons!; /wayp -6200, -6400 13 >> Go around Jabba's to the SW; /wayp -700, -6700 14 >> Stay N of Wayfar; /wayp -2600, -5450 15 <<; /wayp 3800, -5250 16 >>; /wayp 3288, -4842 Finish >> Be cautious...; /wayp 3279, -4835 Finish << Scum and Villainy!;
    If you don't know how to copy/paste ingame, do a search for setting keymaps.

    - It is the Racer's responsibility to secure a usable mount and the race waypoints before the start of the event.
    - It is the Racer's responsibility to get whatever buffs that may be needed to compete in the event. Management is not responsible for Tusken Raiders, Krayt Dragons, and/or bad Jawa faction.
    - Just before the start of the race, all Racers will line up, on their dewback mounts, on the starting line in Mos Entha. There will be a brief introduction, a short and easy email registration for all Racers, and the Race Waypoints will be sent to any Racer who needs them. There will be a countdown followed by a fireworks display signaling the start of the race.
    - Any Racer who jumps the start of the race will be asked to go back and tag up at the Start Line before continuing on.
    - The race course is laid out using a series of waypoints. Race Waypoints will have indicators (<< and >>) to let Racers know which side to pass the Race Waypoint on. Some Race Waypoints will have special instructions to follow.
    - If a Race Waypoint does not appear on screen, use the Race Waypoint location on the overhead map (ctrl-m).
    - Racers must travel, by dewback mount and ONLY dewback mount, to each Race Waypoint, in order, pass them on the correct side, and follow any noted instructions.
    - There will be volunteers riding on swoops with the lead pack as well as volunteers stationed at various Race Waypoints to make sure the course is being followed correctly.
    - Using speeders of any kind to cover race distance is prohibited. Burst running or force running to cover race distance is prohibited. Using shuttles to cover race distance is prohibited. Cutting the course is prohibited. Any Racer found to be breaking these rules will be disqualified immediately.
    - There is a /gallop command that will make your dewback mount run faster for a 3 minute period. After that, Racers will have to wait 11 minutes to be able to use it again. Racers may use the /gallop command whenever they like.
    - Any racer caught pack herding will be disqualified! Racers may only have one dewback out at a time.
    - It is advised that all Racers be On Leave while participating in the event.
    - There are aggressive mobs along the course. It is the Racer's responsibility to either attack or avoid them. Kiting mobs into the path of competitors is a perfectly legal tactic.
    - If a Racer is slain while competing: 1) Create a new waypoint at the corpse location, 2) Clone at the nearest cloner, 3) Travel back to the corpse waypoint (ok to use shuttles/speeders), 4) Continue on with the race.
    - If a Racer's dewback is slain while competing: Simply close and reopen the dewback mount and continue on.
    - If a Racer gets stuck on the course (can't move, running in place): First try dismounting and remounting the dewback. If that doesn't work, try storing and reopening the dewback. If that doesn't work, try the /unstick command. If all else fails, try relogging. Once able to continue on, do so.
    - Glitches, disconnects, server lag, hiccups, rubberbanding, blinking, ghosting, etc happen and are all beyond our control. Deal with it the best you can and continue along. If something does happen, don't give up! You never know what might happen to others in front of you.
    - If the server crashes or is shut down for any reason before the completion of the race, the race will be rerun at the same time the following day, and so on until it is completed.
    - The race winner will be the first Racer to complete 100% of the race distance, passing every checkpoint, in order, and to cross the finish line, all while riding a dewback mount.
    - The race will officially be over 20 minutes after the first Racer crosses the finish line.
    - In the event of any ties... The tying dewbacks will engage in a fight to the death until there is a single winner. Keep this in mind when purchasing your dewback!
    - There may be more added to this section...

    Important Notes!
    If you are planning on buying yourself a dewback deed from a Bio-Engineer, know that they will take about a week or so to grow to full size, and you will need a Creature Handler to train your mount for you if you do not have the skills to do it yourself. Creature Handlers can supply you with full sized, fully trained dewback mounts if they have any available.
    We strongly recommend running the course with your overhead map (ctrl-m) turned off for a much better overall experience.
    Once you arrive at the event location it might be a good idea to do a hard log (completely log out, close the game client(s) down, restart, and log back in).
    Practice getting from the final waypont to the finish line. It would really be worth figuring out ahead of time.
    Don't forget your racing suits and helmets!

    If you need a dewback mount for the event, there are several listed on the Mos Eisley Bazaar for a modest price, thanks to members of TheZoo.
    If you need help with anything dewback and/or mount related ingame, please send a /tell to Foxhunt, he'll be more than happy to help you out!


    After the Race...

    Race Finish, Awards Ceremony, and After Party!

    Date: Sunday, January 31st, 2021
    Tentative Start Time: 4:00 PM EST
    Location: Mos Eisley (3275, -4850)

    Come cheer on the finish of the race, and stay for the After Party! Everyone is welcome to attend!
    The Awards Ceremony will begin shortly after the finish of the race, 20 minutes after the winner crosses the finish line.
    The After Party will officially begin immediately after that.

    Please find your favorite tailor and dress to impress!
    You can bring your favorite character(s) or you can roll yourself an Entertainer/Dancer/Musician or two and join in on the fun!
    Feel free to bring friends and spread the word to others.
    There will be groups for Master Dancers & Musicians.
    Please leave your weapons and armor at home. Please be On Leave.


    Please share this information with your friends and guildmates in-game and ask them to do the same.
    Thank you all, we look forward to seeing you there!
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