I've been working hard on getting the cleanup ready to run. However, I am toast, been smashing the keyboard since 4:30 am Eastern Time. My experience tells me the worst time to hit a big button like this one is at the end of 12 grueling hours of keyboard smashing.

With that in mind, I will circle back in the morning, I will run a couple more test runs before I let it run against Basilisk.

If testing continues going well in the morning, then my guess is I'll hit the big button before 9 am tomorrow (Sunday, 8/16/2020).

Every character will get an email of deleted items, again they might be slightly off since it's tough to be perfect, if you've moved an item or perhaps your house is owned by an alt, the email might go to the other character.

Per our previous announcement, this will not delete houses, tents, city installations to avoid unintended side effects. These objects, however, will have their deeds locked as notrade forever.