Clone Wars, The Exploit... Update 1 - August 1, 2020

August 2020
The SWGEmu Team

Clone Wars, The Exploit... Update 1 - August 1, 2020

After the first announcement of this exploit, we’ve heard concerns from players about their items and resources. After internal discussions on how to proceed without harming our community even more than it already has been, we have decided to continue to follow our policy of deleting all duplicated (duped) items. We apologize for the time it took to let you know about this decision, but in implementing the fix we kept running into obstacles.

Primarily we decided on this course of action because the way the objects were duped would cause server instability over the long term if left in-game.

The second reason is when reviewing the duped objects themselves, we found very high concentrations of items in just a handful of accounts, those accounts are being investigated in more detail as we progress through the cleanup process.

We have decided we will mark these items no-trade for 14 days before we delete them so players can review the items and potentially resolve issues with sellers of those items. Each character possessing a duped item has received an in-game email that lists what duped item(s) that character has, and therefore no longer can be traded and will be deleted in 14 days.

Duped items we have identified from this exploit have been made No-Trade for 14 days before deletion.
These items can't be moved off your character, not even to other characters on the same account.
  • If the item itself has been duped or crafted using duped components, it will be noted in the item description with the following, in red: "Staff have blocked this item from being traded."
  • If a duped ADK is applied to an item, the item will be marked as No Trade with the following description: "Staff have blocked the Anti Decay kit on this item from being traded." At the end of the 14 days, the ADK will be deleted leaving behind your item.
The reason we have made two different notes is to differentiate them for players;
  • if only the item is blocked, you can delete the item and still trade your ADK afterwards.
  • If your ADK is blocked from trading, deleting the item it's attached to will still not let you trade the ADK.
The investigation is on-going and we will ban more accounts as we identify them, if you have information that can help us identify players involved in real money transactions please contact our support team so we can continue cleaning up Basilisk and improving our tools for the 1.0 server.

Again we would remind you that real money transactions for items or credits in game are a bannable offense according to our Terms of Service. However, if you did participate in a real money transaction we recommend you report the seller as having defrauded you via whatever payment method you used or through whatever way you found them. We will continue to investigate and if we identify your account as having participated in real money transactions before you come forward to us we will permanently ban your account.

Thank you for your continued support and patience.

~The SWGEmu Team