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Thread: Clone Wars, The Exploit... Continuation

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    Quote Originally Posted by ForceFielding View Post
    No, I'm actually very smart. Probably smarter than you. All the players who were banned didn't sell things for money. I'm talking about duping not cashing in. Your straw man didn't work.

    And I'm not playing devil's advocate. I'm exposing the double standard. That it's ok to waste time on bad people, but its not ok to waste time on good people.

    If it truly is just a test server then all players who did not sell things for $$$ should be let back in immediately so that they can continue to expose more bugs/flaws. If it's just a test server then why are testers who exploit banned? Nothing matters right? Or does it?

    Can't have it both ways.
    Keep the cheaters banned. They caused quite enough chaos for the community alrdy.
    Dont need them to find gamebreaking bugs either.

    Why are the tester's banned for exploiting.

    Prob because they arent testing anyting. These testers didnt report anything of their dirty deeds, they got korimord, also... lining their ig duped hotpant pockets with dem sweet credits.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ForceFielding View Post
    If it truly is just a test server then all players who did not sell things for $$$ should be let back in immediately

    Can't have it both ways.
    re-read this, i think you might notice an issue with it.

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    We need to move on.

    Old guilds are strong, and if the devs can't help us recover, I'm sure that many communities can help. (within reason)
    If you think you are going to lose an item, screenshot it, and may be some people in your guild will ask you extensive question on how and why you get it and provide you with minimal relief.
    This is the best way to go down. As long as we can ensure that's such project isn't abused by greedy players.

    But I'm really concern that we are going to lose many players over that, regardless of our capacity to provide a minimum relief. Players who got screwed tend to get pissed off, give up, and may be come back a year later. At this point it will be too late for any type of compensation.
    And its not easy to grow our population. I sometime try to recruit player on SWTOR... Its not easy. We are playing an old game, in order to play you need to know about the game and have the discs.
    In 5-10 years, if computers all switch to Windows ARM, Linux ARM, less and less new players will be able to play. (Unless Windows ARM does a hell of job at emulating Intel-based computer. But I do know virtual machine and emulation, and when you need to emulate a certain hardware in order to virtualize one OS, it never looks good. However SWG is an old game. )

    We need to move on, the Clone War doesn't change the "legality" of the project. The devs took measure to prevent it. Even so I don't understand the points some are trying to make.

    What we need now: good news... Is JtL back on track? I was lurking on another thread :P
    With atmospheric landing like in the last month of SWG NGE? <3. (I know its asking a lot lol)
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    JTL is not back on track. What have been seen is about as far as Reoze had come on his coding, some time ago. Thats what was meant with "JTL has seen some code" in our announcement.

    We are ready to make a new announcement about this exploit soon
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    I am unsure if this was intentional, I haven't been able to find anything about, but after the restart this morning 2/5 items I had that were flagged with red text no longer have the red text. They still have the yellow "no trade" but the other text is gone.
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    I understand the usefulness of dealing with this situation to develop fixes and tools to deal with potential future problems. After that information is acquired please permanently put out this dumpster fire and wipe the server clean so we can start from scratch again. I am looking forward to that.

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