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Thread: Basilisk Publish 10.4 Merge - July 2020

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    Basilisk Publish 10.4 Merge - July 2020

    Basilisk Publish 10.4 Merge

    July 2020
    The SWGEmu Team

    Basilisk Publish 10.4 Merge - July 2020

    With the next restart of Basilisk, we will have a mini patch merged to the server with various fixes and enchantments to the server code.

    As it is with every merge, it's expected to be unstable for the next week or so and bugs are
    inevitably going to pop up. Any and all bugs found should be reported on our Bug Tracker (Mantis). If you don't know how to report bugs, you can find more info here.

    Basilisk patch notes will be added prior of the merge.
    • If you need support please submit a ticket to support or join us at Live chat (blue dot in the down right corner)
    • As always TC: Nova and Basilisk server status are available on our front page and SWGEmu Launcher.
    We apologize for this inconvenience and thank you for your continued support.

    ~ The SWGEmu Team
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    this is not the purge i was looking for
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