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    Clone Wars, The Exploit

    Clone Wars, The Exploit
    The SWGEmu Team

    For some time now, we have felt a disturbance in the force
    People seeking to gain real-world wealth and in-game riches have been abusing an exploit and literally profiting from it. Because of this, Lordkator has written new software to track items and credits. The system has been given the name Eye of Sauron (EoS for short). More details of EoS can be read in Lordkatorís post here.

    With the help of our community, and the tools developed, we have discovered that a small number of people have consistently done the following:
    • Dupe perfect components; so that you will always be able to make the perfect craft.
    • Dupe perfect crafts; so that you can guarantee that the item will get a perfect slice.
    • Dupe these perfect final crafts, so that more of them can be sold.
    • Dupe ADKs and resource deeds.

    The primary perpetrators of this exploit were:
    Account characters
    hadescrafter Adelynn Airla CraftenWeps DWBCRAFTS Inconspicuous LOLSWORDSMAN MeatLumpKing Nekron Unidentified Weakling
    Regnor Chofe Mortis' Savoto Shiesti ValleyImp Valleyman Valleymando ValleyMango ValleyPower Valleyranger
    shubaz 'Mynion boneyard kyloren llll mynion mynionss Mynionsss omagawd pabsts Pencil
    studwalker Givenchy Highball Highroller IlIlIlIlI Nike PlayboiGucci Recognize Rng Wegit Yacht
    swgcrafts AnckSu BeamMeUp Conjugal Insignificance Noobsauce OverCap Raigne Taliyah Tulianna Ventruss
    terribleoneace Abdule Blacked Buffya BuffYou Failed FattAlbert Igotyourheals Sire ThaHunted TheCandy
    xstec Avacyn Balrog's Dashana Epstein Hardas Navri TheRealSlim

    What has happened
    There have been over 60,000 objects cloned on Basilisk and sold to unsuspecting players. Most people were buying in good faith, however, others actively helped in circulating the duped items. The people responsible for this are active and integrated members of our community - people most of us have come to know and respect which is why this is so disappointing. Today we have banned 45 accounts from our services. These are the original dupers mentioned above and a host of people who knowingly helped them circulate the items. A total of 1,766 accounts have been affected by this duping ring. We are far from done though, and investigations are on-going.

    Because of this, we will make all ADKs and resource deeds no trade items for a few weeks. Once the investigation, and subsequent cleanup, is done we will enable the trade of the items again.

    Equally disappointing to us has been the issue of real-money transactions. This is a clear violation of the Terms of Service. Anyone who has spent real money, either selling or buying items or credits, will be banned from our services. If our investigations uncover this, the ban will be permanent. However, coming forward voluntarily might result in less severe punishment.

    The exploiters also used their in-game relationships to their advantage. Attempts were made to entrap a member of staff by sending money and trading items through one of their characters. This staff member has been under a thorough investigation by senior staff and found to be free of guilt or intent.

    Consequences for us all
    Lastly, our policy is that we remove items from the game that have been made through exploits, regardless of who owns them. Unfortunately, honest and unsuspecting players have bought many of these items over time and we will not reimburse them for their losses. We are very sorry and know this will end up hurting innocent members of our community who worked hard to acquire the items. This, however, isnít much different than real life. If you have stolen goods, they are confiscated and you will have to contact the seller for a solution.

    Since a large part of our community doesnít read our forums, we will also be sending out information in-game about this issue.

    Going into 1.0, these tools and this experience will lead to a more level and fair playing field for all of us. Please contact live support, or create a ticket if you have information you wish to share with us.

    Yours sincerely

    ~The SWGEmu Team
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