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Thread: Publish 10.3: The Rise of Galaxies mini publish

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    Publish 10.3: The Rise of Galaxies mini publish

    Publish 10.3: The Rise of Galaxies mini publish

    The SWGEmu Development Division

    Publish 10.3: The Rise of Galaxies mini publish

    This is just a list of changes taken from our Weekly Update posts. All changes below will be on Basilisk at the next restart. The changes are:
    1. [Updated] Clang format
    2. [Fixed] Avoid crash on invalid attempt to change sign
    3. [Fixed] Image design session being interrupted by previous session target leaving saloon. Mantis #8169
    4. [Fixed] Format in ImageDesignSessionImplementation.cpp
    5. [Removed] Dead code in ImageDesignSessionImplementation.cpp
    6. [Fixed] HAM remaining modified after power boost buff runs out. Mantis #6517
    7. [Added] Clang format configuration file
    8. [Fixed] Format in PowerBoostBuffImplementation.cpp
    9. [Updated] Make sure credit object owner is set in getCreditObject
    10. [Updated] Options for quicker JSON exports
    11. [Added] Destroy mission configurability from mission_manager.lua
    12. [Updated] API Locking
    13. [Fixed] Player is only allowed to move with sneak ability during /takecover command. Mantis #8208
    14. [Added] File with tests for CreatureOjbects.
    15. [Added] Update running in-memory Config via API
    16. [Added] REST API Proxy to ConfigManager
    17. [Updated] ConfigManager dynamic cache support
    18. [Added] ConfigManager JSON support
    19. [Fixed] Do not apply exceptional/legendary modifiers to use count and equal stats. Mantis #8077
    20. [Fixed] Formatting in LootManagerImplementation.cpp
    21. [Fixed] Increase Janta blood max useCount to 8. Mantis #8077
    22. [Updated] Improved JSON dump safety
    23. [Fixed] Settler having thug faction instead of townsperson faction. Mantis #8200
    24. [Added] Player search via API
    25. [Added] API Pagination for guild lookup/find
    26. [Added] API Support for searching guilds
    27. [Updated] Improved API exception handling
    28. [Added] Dump guild via API
    29. [Added] Ability to delete items via API
    30. [Added] API Proxy for objects
    31. [Fixed] FRS no confidence to allow 2/3rds majority vote. Mantis #8191
    32. [Fixed] Recycler resource destruction client notification. Mantis #8090
    33. [Added] AntiDecayKit cleanup if used
    34. [Updated] Engine3 submodule x 3
    35. [Fixed] Stability issues
    36. [Updated] Add details to ObjectMenuSelect error
    37. [Updated] Reduced auction log noise
    38. [Fixed] Bug requesting flash speeder replacement
    39. [Fixed] Tipped credits not updating the client
    40. [Fixed] Padawan and FS no longer able to be surrendered. Mantis #8055
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