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Thread: SWGEmu, The Next Decade...

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    Quote Originally Posted by wulfgar View Post
    15 years...
    I remember the 1st days, running naked toons on dant dueling with dbl ls

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hofandebis View Post

    Thank you, just wanted to make sure I shouldn't lose those disks.
    Yes, I think there is no reason to worry!

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    Project done yet?

    Quote Originally Posted by Loc-nar
    Jedi don't ruin SWG, boot lickers and whiners ruin SWG.

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    Yeah, uh-huh
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    This is wonderful news!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lubbe View Post

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    Congrats looking forward to this.

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    Glad to hear that you're moving out of the dev phase. I appreciate your hard work and dedication to allowing me a bit of nostalgia. I was disappointed to hear the news about JTL, as it was the only thing keeping me interested in coming back and checking the project out. I hope that one day you're able to make some meaningful progress on that, despite the difficulties. For a lot of us (as I assume you're aware), SWG isn't SWG without JTL, just as much as Star Wars isn't Star Wars without... star wars. I wish you good luck in the future, and I look forward to checking back in if / when JTL does materialize. In the mean time I'll just go back to waiting for The Winds of Winter.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lubbe View Post

    of course i'm getting my *** kicked in the screenshot. Wish i still had that old account
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    Amazing work!

    Quick question, how will veterans rewards work on the new server? Same as basilisk?

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    That has not been decided yet.
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    Great News! One step closer to being able to Bio E a Red Rancor and the colour sticking! (Oh and all the other cool SWG stuff )

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