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Thread: SWGEmu, The Next Decade...

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    Hi it's -Tom

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    As some who is pretty much brand new to the game this excites me! Roll on patch 1.0.

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    Thank you LK for that exciting update! And thanks to everyone who has helped keep the SWG dream alive!

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    thumbs up / big hug

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    Congratulations on all the hard work and milestones achieved this is really good news, l Had one question about a very hard working developer who's name is never talked about anymore, seems a bit unfair to, his name has not been brought up for over the past year or 2, Where is the infamous Ivojedi at, last I heard he was in a bad car accident, he contributed quite a bit to this project and even worked his way up from a player to a Lead Core Developer. Any insight on if he will be making a return in the future ?
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    if u heard anything about Ivojedi it is merely a rumor.
    Ivo is still around. He hasn't been active in development but that's fine. He still communicates with staff. I don't ask for his time, it's his to give.
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    I have been playing for a few years now, love the game ans what you guys have done. I was an original SWG player when the game first started and I left when they did the CU. I am happy I can come back to the game I loved.

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    Thank you guys, your sheer willpower and love for this game have brought it back from the dead, and we're getting closer to the end of this long lasting journey.

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    Congrats, SWGEMU

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    love the news, cant wait for the excitement to come. Keep up the great work.

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    I cannot wait for 1.0 to be released and we can all start the adventure from zero. It will be almost like going back to the start when SWG was first released. I take my hat off to all those who have helped it to this stage. This will mean me having to donate on a regular basis I guess - it will be worth it though

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    Nice! I haven't been able to play much recently but I'm excited all the same! Though on the note of shifting towards Beta and not adding newer content, what is the news concerning JTL? (If it was cancelled or mentioned before, I might have missed it)

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    They moved the goal post for JTL to after Suncrusher release, since it is a different type of game (Tick based 3d environment vs whatever ground game is considered). Probably hoping renewed interest will push it forward. I'm confused about the game being on pub 10, with the goal being 14.1, but saying the game is entering beta. My understanding of development lingo may be harming myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fearvich View Post
    I'm confused about the game being on pub 10, with the goal being 14.1, but saying the game is entering beta. My understanding of development lingo may be harming myself.
    There are 3 numbers that are tossed around quite frequently. 14.1, 1.0, and Pub#.

    14.1 is the version of LIVE SWG the SWGEmu project is emulating.

    1.0 is the completion of the SWGEmu project, where the ground game is finished and the new play server is opened up.

    Pub# is just whatever Publish the SWGEmu project is currently on. There is no set number of Publishes before we reach 1.0.

    Up until this announcement, SWGEmu's v1.0 was meant to be an accurate emulation of Live SWG v14.1... so the two could have been considered the same. However, now that we're moving into beta, it appears that our 1.0 will now feature some non-14.1 changes, which is exciting.

    Hope this helps.

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