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Thread: Tusken Raid On The Krayt Graveyard 11/02/19

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    Tusken Raid On The Krayt Graveyard 11/02/19

    As my introduction as the new Event Coordinator, we decided to throw an On the Spot Event for the players online last night. A group of active players was already out there, doing a player coordinated event known as Naked Krayts. The early screenshots show the outfits provided by Sefi, as well as FLO's gracious hospitality in allowing us to use Polyandrium as our base of operations. Thank you to Mobyus for the screenshots and to all the players that came out to play together! Expect more events in the future!

    The Tusken King was upset about people murdering and looting on his turf in such a casual fashion, and decided to take action...

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    Thank you all for the Event!

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    Man that looked like such fun! So sad I missed out, but thanks for taking the reins and making such cool things happen for us Sugar. You really are the best <3

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    out there
    Congratulations sugar. Sorry I missed out .

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    Awesome Job Sugar

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    I had a really good time, can't wait for the next one! Congrats Sugs <3

    Eeek, Coronet. /wayp -215 -5680

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