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Thread: SWGEmu - 1.0 and the future of JTL

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mobyus1 View Post
    EVE Online isn't a flight sim. It's a game set in space where you control spaceships, yes... but absolutely nothing like a flight sim.
    Better suggestions would be Elite: Dangerous or Star Citizen.
    Thanks Mobyus1 and Praxi34.... I am trying to get ED or SC loaded for years but have not had the drive/time to do so as it is not StarWars lol
    I run Linux only and moving from wine32 to wine64 has caused some problems for all my gaming anyway.

    ED or SC would be cool but to get my fix I play from time to time,
    infact being a FlightSim only indie game (that supports Windows/Mac/Linux/Android...) it would be a fit to skin for SWG but they have a subcription base income,
    might be an avenue to explore a bit SWGemu-VO add-on that is not JTL but skinned with SWG allowing SWGemu to bring to the game
    SW fan base, VO flight engine, SWGemu space ports as doors to VO, allowing a possible share to subscription LOL.

    BTW Thanks SWGemu Devs so much for your work, and I understand the constraints and complexity of doing JTL at this time,
    specially with all the ground gamers support to not bother wasting time in something they are not interested in.
    Consolidation of base can be a uncomfortable fact of life. lol
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