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If you have that way of thinking about events your never gonna have fun ,exceptional weapons are not the strongest on server , WS had time to get the good stuff to make awesome weapons.
I have no Jedi nor any of these awesome weapons but Im still gonna be present and do what i can + have awesome animals to put in the fight to assist our allied troops , also have a PvP toon that has decent ranged weapons that can also help, Both these toons are Base busting specialists so I know I will take active part.
the glowbats will fly around my head while i put the terminals in overload ,Ahsoka can tear down to shreds any ATSTs that can be pulled.
theres many ways you can help your team just think like MacGyver lol, heck id be there even if i had to trow rocks on the opposite team
this kind of thinking doesn't ruin my fun. I was just saying that it would be more fun if pvp was a little less one-sided for every player except for the 25 or so who have the best loot. Weaponsmiths can never catch up to the 2500 damage power hammers and t21's that's why they sell around 1 billion credits each. These events are a good way to meet other players for sure, but it wouldn't hurt the pvp group if for once during an event they didn't have the power of 3 or 4 crafted weapons. The point is fun for as many players as possible because Basilisk needs to cater to a broader audience for a larger playerbase. It's only an event