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Thread: [SWGEmu Event] Basilisk PvP Event - The Grip of the Empire

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    [SWGEmu Event] Basilisk PvP Event - The Grip of the Empire

    Basilisk PvP Event

    The SWGEmu Events Division

    Basilisk PvP Event - The Grip of the Empire

    When: Wednesday May 22, 2019
    Round 1: 6:00pm EDT See Local Time Here
    Round 2: 8:30pm EDT See Local Time Here

    Where: Basilisk Server - Moenia, Naboo
    • Rebel Base & Cloning Facility: 5044 -4443
    • Imperial Base & Cloning Facility: 4506 -4610

    The Empire has been pressing forward and attempting to gain advantageous planetary control points in order to keep the upper hand in the Galactic Civil War. The Rebel Alliance has gone into hiding and comms have been silent.

    Loyalists to the Galactic Empire were able to obtain information hinting at the possibility of Rebel forces hiding in the swamps near Moenia, Naboo. Without a moment's thought the Sector Commander deployed all available garrisons to take them out, taking no chance on losing a planet or even part of a planet, especially one so oddly important to Lord Vader and the Emperor.

    Event Description:

    The goal is to capture the City of Moenia and takeover the opposing factions' base, while keeping your own Factions' base secure.

    Each Faction will have their own protected cloning facilities with Buff Terminals to prevent clone camping.

    The Faction that is able to successfully hold all three locations at the end of the 1.5 hour timer will be deemed victorious.

    ~The SWGEmu Staff

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