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Thread: SWGEmu On the Spot Event Rules & Guidelines

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    SWGEmu On the Spot Event Rules & Guidelines

    On the Spot Rules and Guidelines


    SWGEmu Staff

    On the Spot Events Rules and Guidelines

    • On the Spot Events will be held anywhere throughout the Galaxy. Everyone is welcome to attend. No teleports will be provided to the event.
    • No announcements will be posted on SWGEmu forums or social media for On the Spot Events.
    • On the Spot Events will be announced in-game via server wide broadcast with location and details.
    • Broadcasts will alert players if aggressive NPCs/Creatures will be in the area of the Event. (non-faction combat only). AFK players will not be immune to hostile mobs; go AFK at your own risk.
    • Event Coordinators can spawn both attackable and non-attackable MOBs and NPCs that DO NOT drop loot.
    • Event Coordinators will not give rewards (Badges/Credits/Loot) for On the Spot Events.
    • Event Coordinators will not replace any equipment (Armor/Weapons/Foods & Drink) damaged or used during Events.
    • Buffs, Heals and Revives MAY be provided by the Event Coordinator in charge of the On the Spot Event.
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