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on Mantis 0006748 there is several evidence from live that force choke from powers completly ignores PSG's , on the initial damage and on the ticks. Also there is several evidence that damage done by choke to a TKM/BH using a PSG is around 150-300 standing and up to
600 per tick while KD'ed. Screenshots there also show an equipped PSG and in the combat log its ignored , there is no reduction at all.
All was fine on Prime until it was taken down 2 hours before bas was taken down. After Prime was up again force choke suffered not only full psg reduction on the inital hit but also on all ticks making it pretty much useless in pvp vs a psg. We now talk ticks of 50 damage against a standing
target / 5 pulses makes 250 damage while the attack costs 400 force . So the force costs is now higher then the damage dealt.
In all the evidence to force choke in mantis there is not a single screenshot showing as low ticks as are now the norm.
Then there is Mantis 0008036 which just states that the ticks are not reduced by resitances, but no evidence at all is there that says its should. But a patch is pushed trough really fast.
This last minute patch made force choke pretty much useless in pvp now while it was the way to go on live vs PSG users.
Now force choke is the only dot in the game that suffers full reduction from psg's/armor.
Also choke along with other force attacks was affected by force shield while normal saber strikes and attacks from casual weapons were not , so why should a PSG block any of these ?

Please dont get me wrong, i really appreciate all the hard work you put into this and i would like to thank you for it .
This is not the place for that discussion.