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Thread: Monthly NIKA I Spy Contest

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    Monthly NIKA I Spy Contest

    —Edit 20191221 updated clarification on item in bold and italics—

    Ladies and gentlemen, scum and scoundrels, imperials, rebels, those of no faction and everyone in between are invited to participate in the NIKA Marketplace I Spy Contest!

    Once a month, NIKA will give out a 100k prize to one (and only one) visitor finding the server created NIKA namesake item somewhere in the NIKA Marketplace. This item was not crafted by a player, but made by the server. No more hints will be given as to the item awaiting to be discovered. Once the item is found and correctly reported (as described in the rules of engagement below) it will be removed asap, the thread updated, and the item will later be placed in a different location the following month for the next hunt. As time goes on, multiple items maybe placed and/or the prize adjusted. If the item is not found or claimed, the previous prize will roll over to the next month, until January. In January, the prize will roll back to 100k. Updates will be posted in this OP under the heading “MONTHLY UPDATE”. Please follow the Rules of Engagement to maintain the integrity and enjoyment of future events for all.

    PRIMAZDA found the item for March and win the 100k prize!

    Rules of Engagement
    1. The item can be located in any public building (including marketplace merchant tents) inside the town limits. The item will not be in any vendor inventories.
    2. Please complete the search alone. Groups (two or more ppl) will be disqualified from the hunt that month, but can participate again the following month. Please keep the integrity of the event intact for the fun of all participants.
    3. When you find the item, do not share the location or the description of the item with the public either IG or through the forum as the discovey and knowledge of the item will reduce the enjoyment and novelty of future hunts.
    4. PM Misk Brebran immediately through the FORUM with the item name, type, building located & coordinates when found. I will ask one follow on question concerning the item’s examine stats and you will need to answer correctly for your prize! First to report with the correct responses through the FORUM wins!
    5. Check back here for updates to the search. After a monthly winner is declared, pms concerning the event will recieve a not response and will be deleted.
    6. Winners consent to having their name and month won displayed on a single yearly plaque displayed in City Hall.

    We look forward to anyone and everyones participation and we hope to see you soon! GL, HF and enjoy your time exploring NIKA!!!

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