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Thread: Quick update on server status on October 25, 2018.

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    Quick update on server status on October 25, 2018.

    In my previous update I mentioned that we had made a lot of great moves forward but ran into a snag on one of our servers we call "worker1".

    I just wanted to let everyone know we've retired w1, it's off to wherever hard working servers go to rest. Meanwhile I was able to move all the various services including forums and other part of our environment to a new machine "worker3".

    I'm happy to say thus far it looks like it all went well, we're now positioned to move forward with other goals on the project.

    I appreciate everyone's patience while we worked through these steps.

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    Again, thank you. Your hard work is valued more than you know.

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    Thank you Lord

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    Thats great news, thanks for the update

    Ps. Moved both your threads to "Project Updates"
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    Great news keep up the good work and thanks
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