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Thread: [SWGEmu Event] Nova Under Siege - Friday October 19, 2018

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lolindir View Post
    And yet, here you are 13 days after it ended, telling us you didn't get a long enough heads up... Some how I feel an earlier announcement wouldn't have helped

    Jokes aside, we don't have an EC team. This event was just something two of our QAs made almost on the fly... Even I was there and spawned some ambush DJM... Felt (almost) bad when they killed someone, so ressed them...
    I agree, I don't check this Event section on daily basis...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Omens View Post
    I agree, I don't check this Event section on daily basis...
    It was just something I cooked up to pass the time during the Basilisk Maintenance and to stress unstable a bit. The Devs helped get some event commands straightened out during the week and Farelli helped with creating from pre-event fun for those on during different hours.

    For future Pre-Planned Events they will be announced at an earlier time when we get to that point that they will be occurring.

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