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Thread: Basilisk Maintenance - October 19th 2018

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    Basilisk Maintenance - October 19th 2018

    Basilisk Maintenance - October 19th 2018

    Date: 10/14/2018
    The SWGEmu Staff

    Basilisk Maintenance - October 19th 2018

    Hello there fellow SWGEmuers,

    It is with heavy hearts that we have to announce that on October 19th, around 5AM Eastern Time (you can find your local time here: Basilisk will be taken down for much needed maintenance. Downtime will (roughly) last 36 hours. Yes, yes, we know its a long time and that it is the weekend, but that's the only time our developers have enough spare time needed to finish the whole process.

    To understand just why its gonna take this long, here are some of the things we are hoping to achieve:
    1. Rebuild databases (especially sceneobjects.db at 575 Gigs)
    2. Purge mail.db (edit: Cleanup old unused space, not delete all mail)
    3. Cleanup ghosted vendor items (we commented out deletes a while back due to vendor issues)
    4. Migrate to a container like The Pit, Nova, TC-Prime
    5. Stretch goal: Automated builds like Nova, The Pit etc.
    Why exactly is all this needed?
    1. Donations have plummeted in the last few months, so if we plan to keep on going for a foreseeable time we need to consolidate our services and reduce our expenditures. (Of course that shouldn't stop you from visiting our Donations page, every little bit helps us keep our services up and running)
    2. Less disk usage leading to quicker clones to TC-Prime and smaller backup storage requirements
    3. Easier start/stop by more of the developer team
    4. More portable setup (can move Basilisk around like we move Nova, The Pit etc.)
    5. Clean setup that doesn't require special knowledge to build and maintain Basilisk
    6. Ability to enable more developers to contribute (core developer team) directly to Basilisk code (Automated Jenkins build, push, restarts)
    So, make plans, spend time with your family or friends, or just go outside for a change. I've heard its lovely there this time of the year. Thank you for your understanding and your continuous support.

    Oh yeah, TC Nova and TC Prime will be online for the duration, so you don't really have to waste your time on that RL thing.

    Edit by lordkator:

    Maintenance has started.

    Please note that this is a long process, I won't post updates until deep into the evening as the first step will run for almost 14 hours.

    ~The SWGEmu team
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