noun /dek·əˈneɪ.trɪks/ plural deconatrices
a woman who has power or control over her swgemu house in a sexual relationship

Who: You?
What: Decorating Contest
When: Decorating starts now and ends Friday May 25th (~5 weeks), then 2 days of judging with winners announced Sunday May 27th.
Where: Tempest Dantooine
Why: To whip these empty buildings into shape! Tempest wants a prettier town so they'll be giving away 70,000,000 credits in prizes to the decorators! Note: These are permanent town installations (cantinas, med centers, guild halls), so the contents of the buildings will not be returned.
How: To enter the contest reply to this thread with the name of your decorator toon. That toon will be added to admin on a building and emailed a waypoint in game. You'll have until Friday May 25th to decorate. Then they'll be removed from admin and the judges will spend the weekend judging the buildings. Winners will be announced Sunday May 27th at 1pm PST.

The Prizes

Rather then having really big overall 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes, we're doing something different!

There are 7 different categories the buildings will be judged on. Each category has its own judge who will pick 1st, 2nd, and 3rd best for that category. Each category has 10 million credits to award.

1st place in each category will receive 5 million credits, 2nd will receive 3 million credits, and 3rd will receive 2 million credits. So if a decorator wins 1st place in one category and 3rd place in two others, their total winnings would be 5 + 2 + 2 = 9 million credits!

The judges will not tell each other their picks untill the award ceremony. At the ceremony the winners will be announced and awarded their winnings.

There are 7 categories:
  • Where I'll Hang Out The Most judged by Strip
  • The People's Choice judged by the masses using a forum poll
  • I Wish I Thought Of That judged by all of the decorators competing. (can't vote for themselves, because well... they DID think of that!)
  • Best Use Of Color judged by Juz
  • Three additional secret categories that will be revealed at the awards ceremony!

The Awards Ceremony

The awards ceremony will be on Sunday May 27th at 1pm PST in Tempest on Dantooine (waypoint incoming). Everyone is invited to attend and check out the decorated buildings. I suspect they'll be some silliness if the staff is available to help!