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    Doug Rush, Scurby 1961-2018

    RIP Scurby 1961-2018

    April 2018
    SWGEmu Staff

    It is with a heavy heart that we must share the sad news of the passing of one of our own,

    Our Quality Assurance Leader, our mentor, our friend Doug Rush is no longer with us.

    He joined and followed SWGEmu long before his account join date says, started as community tester 2012 and quickly went to become a full member of our QA in 2013. Same year after Xavia's unfortunate accident and Wuzze's retirement he took the mantle of QA leader and has held that position ever since. Doug's passing has come as surprise to everyone that knew him, and will leave a terrible void both in the lives of people that knew him and in the project itself.

    Even though Scurby is gone, his spirit is and always will live on in the hearts and souls of all the people who have had the pleasure of working or playing beside him.

    Our event team will prepare an appropriate vigil on Basilisk, and later place a permanent statue in one of the larger cities to commemorate a great man and all that he has done for SWGEmu.
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