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Thread: Bug Reporting on TC Prime

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    Bug Reporting on TC Prime

    Welcome to Test Center Prime.

    Read the guide to how to report bugs here: https://www.swgemu.com/forums/showthread.php?t=22463

    The Current Testing Focus is Publish 10. The checklist can be found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets...wkjGAo7b53lbI4 - Note that anything marked "wor" is waiting on a reboot either of Prime or Nova before the fix is available. The checklist is a constantly evolving and living document to help us focus on what needs testing and what we are doing at any one point in time. It is not to be used as a checklist of things to estimate when things will arrive on Basilisk.

    Due to the nature of TC Prime, we ask that you follow a couple specific guidelines on bug reporting with this server:

    1) Make sure that you specify the date and time that the bug occurred due to the possibility of multiple server reboots in a day, and the fact that when a server reboots, code is updated to the latest unstable build.

    2) Make sure that the correct project is selected. We will probably in the near future have a TC Prime mantis project for bug reporting. Nova and Prime are different repositories and it is important that you tell us which server you tested on. Until then, use TC Nova's project, and make sure that TC Prime is properly mentioned in the subject, for example:


    [TCPRIME] A handful of imperial stormtroopers in Bela Vistal respawn too quickly.


    npcs in the below link and screenshot respawn too quickly. from a quick chat with Miztah in IRC, they used to be in another file with another spawn timer and are likely to be incorrect.

    additional information: link
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