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Thread: Basilisk extended downtime 08/09/2017

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    I feel sorry for you developers i hope everything is going okay

    I've hope you'll get the codes back wipe or restored i believe in you all developers

    and like they said "sharing is caring"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trakaa View Post
    So, you are telling me they had exactly ONE backup? I find that incredibly hard to believe. You are either naive for believing that or they actually DO have one backup and that is frankly terrible.
    Naive? I wrote the last database migration, there have been none since. You can look at the code if you wish, it's all spelled out as clearly as possible.

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    So how far back would it wipe? I'm not sure when Pub 9 was. I hope you can recover the data! thx!

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    As for me, my initial reaction was "Noooooooo" and then my secondary reaction was "Okaaaaaayyyyy!" I'd love to see the server reset and for there to be all new traffic to the server. A lot of the settled areas would be finally be open to the active players, again; enough with these completely-abandoned player cities. Publish 9 will bring a healthy addition of gameplay and things to do and the freshness of a restart is exactly the poetic justice I think this community could use.

    Weed-out the real players and your longtermer's while flushing-out the excess bulk that has run the server down. Open it all up to those of us who check the forums daily for posts like this, rather than keep the unnecessary junk left-behind by those who don't/can't play anymore. Publish 9 and 10 are really where the bulk of players will come in, anyway, so, what's a small hiccup startover to the amount of attraction this, and the next, Publish will garner?

    Quote Originally Posted by falacy View Post
    I, at the very least, do expect you to be honest (seriously, who loses data to hard drive failures anymore? Really? That's either utter incompetence or a lie).
    That's funny: fallacy* creates a false dichotomy without any further information! Perhaps we should trust them and not make a big deal out of it. (:

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    Quote Originally Posted by inck243 View Post
    So how far back would it wipe? I'm not sure when Pub 9 was. I hope you can recover the data! thx!
    Somewhere from the small of the back all the way to the front, just under the belly button.

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    I appreciate all the work I'm sure is going into this. Other than debugging issues that could arise with historical data, I don't think anyone would be seriously opposed with a full wipe at this point.

    In terms of actual gameplay (which is second/third priority to testing/development), it would probably do much more to help than hurt. In terms of testing, the major concern are those issues that can arise because of historical data. You wouldn't be able to find those with a new database.

    Good luck, once again I appreciate all of the hard work/free labor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vlada View Post
    Somewhere from the small of the back all the way to the front, just under the belly button.
    Vlada has a detailed bdb dump tattooed much like a tramp stamp but far more exciting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Livy2K View Post
    Im sure they have a hardcopy and just need a few years to scan it
    Bwa ha ha ha.

    Also, sad face

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    As with others - my initial reaction was an immediate loosening of my bowels into my shorts. My second reaction however-ok, much the same. After a bit of thought.....still the same.

    However, roll with the punches. I mean - the project will most likely wipe at the end anyhow. Thanks for the work guys - too bad the merge wasn't smooth but wth, when was a major project on computers ever silky smooth? :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vlada View Post
    Somewhere from the small of the back all the way to the front, just under the belly button.
    it's a poo poo joke!

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    PS, I guess I can wipe my sig now - since there's no longer an IO on tatooine.

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    Oh my god
    I don't really want the server to be wiped right now, but if it happens, well it's not that bad
    I wish TA and all devs good luck, and anyway, you guys are still the best ! Thanks for all your work ! <3

    (How much does the HD costed ? I think it's a perfect time to make donations...)
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    New working title:

    Publish 9: The revenge of Norrth

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    Please ignore the trolls. We appreciate all the hard work you are continuing to provide on this project.

    Whatever the outcome, we will accept it and continue as members of the project.

    As for all the stuff that will be lost, we will rebuild
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    Top 10 Things Heard on Basilisk Today
    1. How many midichlorians in a gigabyte?
    2. this is what we mean when we tell people to enjoy today because it could all be wiped tomorrow
    3. happens
    4. no wipe is "planned"
    5. deal with it
    6. it's a GAME
    7. it's NOT just a game
    8. it's not EVEN a game, it's a development project
    9. pixel power isn't real
    10. we don't need no water let the ... burn
    Thanks for what you do devs. Let the haters hate.
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