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Thread: Basilisk extended downtime 08/09/2017

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    awww yeah bring the wipe!! Will be fun like when the game was amazing.... and yes I am one of those that had crates upon crates of everything ready for my jedi grind.... but a wipe really would level the playing field, I'm excited for the publish no matter which direction they go.

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    10 pages and no refunds offered?

    2017 .....

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    /Wipe or /Recover...whatever best moves the project forward.

    14.1 or bust

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    On a constructive note... PCB swaps do work occasionally if it is not a mechanical failure...

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    But...I was a day away from my 360 vet reward... =P
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    Quote Originally Posted by Livy2K View Post
    10 pages and no refunds offered?

    2017 .....
    LOL! Reminds me of how crazy the SoE forums got after the CU and NGE

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whorg View Post
    If it wipes.. 1 suggestion to go along with a possible lower character limit, get rid of ADK's!! Long live devoted weaponsmiths and armorsmiths! (Though with a wipe that would fix the insane amount of them in game anyways).
    get rid of adks
    2 character limit

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    @greyjedi I had 3 days left 😭
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigevil View Post
    The thought of people running around in bone armor pieces and starter clothes shooting CDEFs makes me smile.
    I'm both laughing and crying at the same time xD

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    Just started 3 days ago and now theres a wipe with long server down time.

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    I came back after a break around 6 months ago and I have been very happy. I was anticipating publish 9 and working on my Jedi now if there is a wipe I will just do it differently than I planned. This is a great game and I only have praise for the Devs and those who donated to keep this game going. I am ashamed that I have not given financially and plan on changing that oversite soon. I know the Devs will get it done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by archon210 View Post
    2 character limit
    How about no?

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    I'm all for a wipe.. Sorry to hear the bad news...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paranormal View Post
    @greyjedi I had 3 days left 😭
    Sorry bud. I know the pain. =P

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