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Thread: Publish 9 Contest Winner

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    Grats Centrepoint - thanks for taking the time to contribute to the community!

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    Congratulations (as if I had ANY doubt as to who would win hehe)!

    I am still VERY much of the mindset that, if possible, there should be a rotation of the two pieces put together. I thought both entries by Centrepoint were phenomenal and the two-slide rotation idea that was proposed was equally innovative. Would allow a great view into SWG's spot in the canonical story sidereel (from both aspects of the Force).

    Either way, congrats to Centrepoint yet again and cannot wait to see this screen be added to the loading segment of startup! Such a great game and great project being done here. It's exciting to see so many players get involved and help-out; I hope to find my own niche to do the same, as well, soon!

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    Congrats Centrepoint!! You did an amazing job! -Juz

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    When is this loading screen going live?

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    We've been a bit tied up with server issues, should be able to get it setup in the next day or two.

    SWGEmu is a non-profit, open source community project.
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    Congratulations, Centrepoint. Well done.

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    Great job.. Very well done.
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    Great stuff!

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    cool man!
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    Very fitting Centerpoint and the Dev... looking forward to logging in this weekend!

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    Very Nice job !!!

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    Thank you all for the kind words. I'm really pleased to have won, especially given how many other awesome submissions were posted in the thread
    I've just noticed the inbox message from Niffer, as I've been away with work for the last few weeks. I'll get the image sent across ASAP!
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    Thumbs up

    Beautiful work, congratulations

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    My favorite load screen so far! Good job

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    well done to the artist, and the devs for a new pub ^^

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