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Thread: Basilisk Publish 9 merge - August 9th 2017

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    I just came back here after a very long time. Is PUB 9 on basilisk yet?

    PS . I secretly hoped for a wipe... is it still a possibility?

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    Alright folks, here's our current status. From what we can tell, our database is in good enough shape to proceed with another Publish 9 merge attempt. There's still a lot of potential for corruption or database issues to crop up that we haven't seen, so we're going to be taking some extra precautions in case those issues do pop up. Because of this, when the server is taken down, expect an extended downtime before it comes back up with the new publish.

    Our current schedule is looking like Basilisk will be taken down approximately 12 hours from now. That timeframe may change between now and then. Once it's taken down, we'll start the process of backing up the database again. With the size of the database, this alone will take a fair amount of time, so we're not going to give an ETA on when it will be back up. Once Basilisk does come up, the server's new navmesh system will begin building meshes for all static and player cities as well as POI's, which will also take some time. Expect the server to remain locked for a while after it comes up.

    TLDR: When we take the server down, expect the update process to take a while to complete, especially with the issues we ran into over the past few days. We'll get the server up and running with Pub9 as quickly as we can.

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    Awesome news Miztah! Thanks for the update.

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    giddy up

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    Thanks Miztah. Here's hoping everything goes well.

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    I find your generous faith reassuring.

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    I know I've only been here a few short months but I want to heap on some more praise to the folks behind the scenes. The job you've all done thus far is amazing. I'm just so stunned at the dedication of all of you. Thank you for bringing something we all loved back to life.

    My wife and I look forward to the publish and everything beyond.
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    If you delete a character before the server goes down will their name be available again once the merge is complete and the server goes back up?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KezJona89 View Post
    If you delete a character before the server goes down will their name be available again once the merge is complete and the server goes back up?

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    I would like to put my two cents in and many dont hear from me on here...Great job yall...lets hope the merge is sucessful, tho i dont vote in favor of a wipe I personally dont mind one...if it happens those in PhX-R know that Bandit will be in mos eisley picking up stragglers...and for the team, im keepin my fingers crossed!!!!

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    hoorah! keep up the good work guys, its been awesome watching this project evolve.

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