Doing the Right Thing...
Communications Department

A recent issue on Liberator has brought up a topic that we would like to elaborate on.

It was reported that items were being stolen from multiple player inventories by a bug/exploit/hack. One person, out of an unknown number using this stealing method, gave us information and details in an effort to get it fixed and thus make a positive contribution. While we can't go back and restore people's items that were stolen, we can ensure everybody that this will be fixed to the best of our abilities in the Nova Test Center and Liberator servers.

We just want to highlight how thankful we are when a player in the Comminity steps up and is "Doing the Right Thing". We hope others do more of this to help make the SWGEmu PreCU Emulator a better product when it is finished.

For those that don't know the rule, please read the following section from the Test Center Rules:
3.12 The SWGEmu Team encourages the reporting of any and all exploits. You are required to immediately report and discontinue use of all discovered exploits or face disciplinary action listed below.
  • 3.12.1 Exploits include, but are not limited to; all forms of hacking, exploiting and all other actions intended to break, bend or in anyway alter the SWGEmu gameplay experience in favor of one player or against another player.
  • 3.12.2 Report all exploits to the Quality Assurance department at using the Exploit category or send to
  • 3.12.3 As a first offence, there will be a warning issued directing the guilty party to the Quality Assurance department. Offenders are required to immediately disclose all known information about the exploit. Failure to comply with this policy will result in an immediate permanent ban from all SWGEmu services. This ban will include the immediate deletion of all known characters, items, disbanding of guilds if guild leader, and removal of all items being sold by the user on the marketplace.

The SWGEmu Team