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Thread: Fourth Annual Temenos Island Decorating Contest

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    Fourth Annual Temenos Island Decorating Contest

    Fourth Annual Temenos Island Decorating Contest

    Location: Temenos Island, Naboo
    Dates: May 13th - May 26th
    Theme: Meditation Sanctuary
    Housing Style: Small Naboo (square)

    Show off your decorating style and creativity in a server-wide decorating contest in Temenos Island, Naboo. The event will be themed "Meditation Sanctuary" and limited to Small Square Naboo-style houses. For more details, see below.

    1) Participants will need to send an in-game email to Aerea indicating a desire to participate by May 22nd.

    2) Participants will be placed on the admin list of a single Square Small Naboo-style house in or near Temenos Island, Naboo and emailed the waypoint. Maintenance will be pre-paid.

    3) Participants will have until May 26th to decorate their house in any manner they see fit.

    4) At midnight on May 26th contestants' names will be removed from admin lists and no further changes will be allowed until judging is complete.

    5) A team of judges consisting of selected community members will judge the entries on the criteria listed below.

    6) Winners will be announced at the Temenos Island Spring Open on May 27th at 5:00pm EDT. The announcement will also be made on the SWGEmu Forums.

    7) After judging and winners have been announced, contestants will be re-added to admin lists and allowed to retrieve their items. If a participant would like to keep the house in place, arrangements can be made to transfer the deed.

    8) All entries deemed "completed" by the judging team will receive a 100,000 credit prize in addition to an other prizes won.

    Judging criteria
    Awards will be handed out in the following categories:
    • Best installation (use of 5 or more items to create a lager decoration piece - i.e. fireplace, fish tank, kitchen counter etc.) - 2 million credits
    • Best use of a single item in a non-intended way - 2 million credits
    • Best evocation of the theme: Meditation Sanctuary - 4 million credits
    • Best overall decoration - 4.5 million credits

    Please direct any questions to Aerea in-game, a PM here, or a reply to this post.
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