An ancient artifact has surfaced during an archeological expedition to the Jedi Temple Ruins on Dantooine. A group of scientists was two weeks into their excavation efforts when an unknown artifact was found in a hidden room below the ruins. While the scientists are looking over the drawings of the object, desperately trying to decode them, they are approached by a twi’lek that has not been previously seen among the members of the expedition. He speaks of another similar artifact that he saw in his early years of travel and how it emanates a strange force. He begins rambling on about how the artifact will bring forward a powerful army to destroy what’s left of the ancient temple and take the potentially dangerous force artifact into their possession.

The Dark Jedi are coming and they have gathered a great force. They want this object and they will destroy all those in their way to retrieve it. They will not stop at anything and they will use every fighter and mercenary at their disposal. They will destroy both Imperials and Rebels unless a combined force from both factions can stop them! We must protect the scientists and remain in control of the artifact!

WHERE: Jedi Temple Ruins, Dantooine. Assembly point at the scientist camp /way 4242 5296
WHEN: April 29, 2017 at 2:00pm EST
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Staff Buffs and Heals will be provided
Do not ask for teleports to the event
Brave Soldier badges will be awarded ONLY TO THOSE THAT DO NOT HAVE THEM ALREADY. As always, event mobs will not drop any loot.