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Thread: SWGEmu Publish 9 - "Secrets of the Force, Redux" loading screen competition

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    So, I took on board what the community said and, frankly I agree with you all regarding that second attempt. I felt rushed, I don't think I gave it as much attention as the first. But I was happy with the Lore aspect. I've started on revising that version (with corrected spelling!) and would welcome some input.

    I stole the image from Trials of Obi-Wan because I felt the original needed more SWG graphics feel to it. But placed it against a backdrop of Tatooine instead of Mustafar. I feel happier with this but I'm asking for suggestions for the upper portion of the left graphic. I could simply add the twin suns? I tried stealing the star destroyer over Jedha but couldn't quite make it work and it felt like I was just trying to fill space.

    Anyway, feel free to throw comments my way and I'll do what I can. I wanted to add that there have been some absolutely brilliant entries submitted with actual artistic skill that I'm in awe of. I just mess around in photoshop and hope things turn out ok! It feels like this thread has really taken off in the last week or so and it's awesome. As I said - best community

    ...added the suns!

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