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Thread: SWGEmu Publish 9 - "Secrets of the Force, Redux" loading screen competition

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    So, I took on board what the community said and, frankly I agree with you all regarding that second attempt. I felt rushed, I don't think I gave it as much attention as the first. But I was happy with the Lore aspect. I've started on revising that version (with corrected spelling!) and would welcome some input.

    I stole the image from Trials of Obi-Wan because I felt the original needed more SWG graphics feel to it. But placed it against a backdrop of Tatooine instead of Mustafar. I feel happier with this but I'm asking for suggestions for the upper portion of the left graphic. I could simply add the twin suns? I tried stealing the star destroyer over Jedha but couldn't quite make it work and it felt like I was just trying to fill space.

    Anyway, feel free to throw comments my way and I'll do what I can. I wanted to add that there have been some absolutely brilliant entries submitted with actual artistic skill that I'm in awe of. I just mess around in photoshop and hope things turn out ok! It feels like this thread has really taken off in the last week or so and it's awesome. As I said - best community

    ...added the suns!

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    Relentless Strife

    Figured I'd take a whack. Everything is from personal screenshots except for the Yoda and Sidious portraits.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Centrepoint View Post
    I'm limited by what I ad available to me on old HDDs and those of an old guildie from Sunrunner
    The project might be able to use those screenshots to get a more accurate emulation. Can you pack them into a .rar and then upload it to google drive, please?
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    You guys should add, you can also chop up a normal picture and completely replace it without using that template.
    if you load it in texture/loading/space you can add:
    space_back_left_bottom.dds (256x256)
    space_back_left_center_bottom.dds (256x256)
    space_back_right_center_bottom.dds (256x256)
    space_back_right_bottom.dds (256x256)
    space_back_left_top.dds (512x512)
    space_back_right_top.dds (512x512)

    This gives the emu team load options, as well as easier submission options. Basically make a 2048x2048 and chop it into 6 pieces 4 256x256 pieces on the bottom and 2 512x512 pieces on the top for the whole image. (Credit to Himilayas for pointing this out to me months ago)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Picklock View Post
    Figured I'd take a whack. Everything is from personal screenshots except for the Yoda and Sidious portraits.

    Take his shoes?
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    Quote Originally Posted by CmdrPwn View Post
    The project might be able to use those screenshots to get a more accurate emulation. Can you pack them into a .rar and then upload it to google drive, please?
    I already asked him that on Page 8 (post #115) .

    Doesn't anyone read entire threads anymore before hitting 'reply' ?

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    I love just about evey ones on this page epecially ghosty

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    Centrepoint's dark and light loading screens win it for me. If these could be rotated, that'd be awesome. If not, I'd go with the dark side one. It's not just the composition, but also the text of that one is brilliant.
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    this artist billy ludwig if contacted could probably give us what we are looking for....

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    Here's my contribution, in the form of a bad mockup.

    Feel free to take this and run with it, anybody - I have no skill working with images, so I thought I'd try to write something in the style of the pre-EotE loading screens.

    Just a quick draft, I'll do my best to tweak it if I can. Thanks Centrepoint for the template!

    Here's the text to save anybody five minutes if they do choose to do something with it. https://pastebin.com/br2G31BX

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    Quote Originally Posted by algebuckina View Post
    People seem to be focusing on the Jedi side of publish 9. Although that is the main new content in the upcoming publish I know a lot of people who will want more than just Jedi on their load screens. I will be looking through the checklist to see what I can come up with asap.
    Please do! If I wanted armies of Jedi flinging crap at eachother I'd play TOR.

    If I wanted a bunch of movie characters to tell me how good I am I'd play Shadows of the Empire.

    Really excited to see what other possibilities are available.
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    Thank you.
    (In game name Toxs)

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    Quote Originally Posted by jantech1 View Post

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