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Thread: [GES] The Great Naboo Kaadu Race & After Party! First Place Prize: a Jetpack!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigevil View Post
    That needs to go in your sig Fissile like the FFootball championship. LOL
    a fine idea sir! check out my PRO MS paint skills
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    It was a nice event! Thank you for this organization.

    Wish we had live event badges as well tho :/

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    Are the arrows pointing to the shortcut he took?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fissile View Post
    a fine idea sir! check out my PRO MS paint skills
    LOL a good start....need a fine looking trophy...kaadu shaped? lol good stuff.
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    Thank you for this nice event. It has been lots of fun.
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    Had a great time, and was doing OK until I ran straight through WP 8 and didn't turn towards 9 for a good 600m haha

    Thanks go to BoS, FLO and my fellow KR for putting this on. Great event all around and we kept the after party going until T+14 hours!
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    I see someone linked my Twitch vod in a previous post... thanks!

    I plan on editing my recorded footage and making a somewhat more watchable version into a video!

    As for practice runs, I did one on a swoop the night before just to familiarize myself with the course. I also did the final few legs (in Theed) on a kaadu to see if there were any tight turns or tricks to be aware of!

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