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Thread: PvP Capture The Flag

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    PvP Capture The Flag

    What: PvP Capture The Flag
    When: Sunday, February 26th
    Time: (First Match) 12pm EST
    (Second Match) 7pm EST
    Where: Dantooine

    30 minutes before Event players will be instructed to gather at the Pirate Outpost on Dantooine. When EC team is ready you will then be instructed to go to your Bases (Cloners).
    Since this a planned event the flag timer will be set for 1 hour.

    1) Staff buffs are available inside the Cloners on the left hand wall, it is a gold terminal.
    2) If you want drinks, food or better buffs then what we offer please bring your own.
    3) Buff terminal also DOES heal wounds so EC will not be healing.
    4) No one will be teleported to event. Be sure and save your clone information inside the cloner so that is where you will clone at.
    5) No armor, weapons, vehicles or any thing that gets damaged will be replaced.
    6) You must be SF, the recruiter will be placed outside the cloner and one inside.

    *UPDATE* Roster has been closed because the edit permissions were being taken advantage of. If you want to attend just show up or respond in the thread.
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