Mini Event Rules

~SWGEmu EC Staff

You heard it correct, the EC Staff on Basilisk will start having Mini Events as of January 1st. These events will be just like the Grinch events thrown at Holiday time. Below you will find the rules the Staff has implemented for these events:

  1. Surprise “mini events” will be held with little or no warning sporadically throughout the galaxy. Everyone is welcome to attend. No ports will be provided to the event.
  2. No announcements will be posted on SWGEmu forums or social media.
  3. Mini events may, but not necessarily will be announced via server wide broadcast and will last no longer than 30 minutes.
  4. If aggressive MOBs are being spawned, a server-wide broadcast will be made at least 5 minutes preceding the spawning to allow non-combatants to clear the area (non-faction combat only). AFK players will not be immune to hostile mobs; go AFK at your own risk.
  5. ECs can spawn both attackable and non-attackable MOBs and NPCs that do not drop loot
  6. ECs will NOT award badges or credit/item rewards for mini events (even if provided by the community members)
  7. ECs will NOT replace any items that get damaged during event
  8. Buffs, rezzes and/or heals will always be provided by the SWGEmu EC Staff