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Thread: Autumn Fights Episode 1- MELEE

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    Autumn Fights Episode 1- MELEE

    Autumn Fights Episode 1-MELEE

    ~SWGEmu EC Staff~

    Autumn Fights Episode 1- MELEE

    When: October 1st at 23 BST/15 PST/18 EST (check your time here)
    Where: Light Jedi Enclave on Yavin 4, /wp -5583 4933
    What: Invited are all melee fighters for single duels. Melee Professions that count:

    Rules: All buffs, food and spice allowed, also support skills from medic, doc and SL.
    No droids, no pets, no ranged skills and NO ARMOR. Hotpants will be provided if wanted^^

    How to apply: Just be there in time. Application will be accepted as long as the first round lasts. Just send a tell to Lys'ana in game.

    Important Note: You have to wear clothes, no armor. Clothes with BE stats are allowed.The 2 Jedi's guarding the entrance should not attack you, unless you start the attack, even though they are red.

    *Staff Note* Staff will not be providing buffs or rezzes. This is a player run event and no badges will be given. If you have any question regarding the event please send all tells to Lys'ana in game.

    If you would like the see the whole thread by the guild please click HERE
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