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Thread: BOS Summer Guild Games

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    BOS Summer Guild Games

    LOK: BOS Summer Guild Games

    SWGEmu Event Staff

    BoS invites all guilds to the first summer guild games

    When: Saturday, 13th August at 22 GMT (5EST/2PST) Check time
    Where: Brotherhood on Lok
    How to participate: You can register here or send an ingame mail to Lys'ana. You have until Friday 12th August (5EST/2PST) to register to participate.

    The guild games include 3 different game aspects. To show that you are the best guild, you will have to proof that you can cover all three.

    3x races:
    1. Swoop race: single race, 2 per guild can start
    2. Mount race: single race, 2 per guild can start
    3. Torch relay: group race with 5 people, after each round the next guildie will wait and trade the racetorch (which will be a special crafted and named one) to the next player

    3x combat:
    Buffs, food and spice you bring yourself will be allowed. Not allowed are heals from outside or any pets or droids. A dice will decide who duels against whom.

    1. Single Duels: 2 per guild can start
    2. Partner duels: 2 vs 2, all skills from members inside group are allowed. No pets or droids are allowed.
    3. Group duels: 5 vs 5, all skills from members inside group are allowed. No pets or droids are allowed.

    3x non-combat:
    1. Treasure hunt: You have to find chests hidden in Brotherhood. Riddles will give you the waypoints to the chests. 2 per guild can start. First one to find all wins

    2. Crafter contest: Each guild gets 3 different crafting orders to make. Crafters need to make the items right away in Brotherhood, so bring your ressources and crafting suits and droids.

    3. Fishing contest: All from guild can start. Fishing contest goes 15 minutes. Largest fish wins.

    Point system for all events:
    1st winner: 12 points
    2nd winner: 10 points
    3rd winner: 9 points
    4th winner: 8 points
    5th winner: 7 points
    6th winner: 6 points
    7th winner: 5 points
    8th winner: 4 points
    9th winner: 3 points
    10th winner: 2 points
    11th winner: 1 point

    The winning Guild gets a handmade statue named:

    Guild name
    First winner of the Summer Guild Games 2016

    Any questions? Send a mail to Lys'ana ingame or at the link for

    Looking forward to seeing you all at the summer guild games!
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