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Thread: Publish 6: AI Strikes Back

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    Publish 6: AI Strikes Back

    Publish 6: AI Strikes Back

    The SWGEmu Development Division

    Publish 6: AI Strikes Back

    • Improved server stability
    • Improved server performance
    • Added a new Artificial Intelligence system (see AI section)
    • Added additional unit tests to verify that mobile/lair templates have valid values
    • New types of spawns have been implemented (dynamic/theater)
    • Added many new random spawns to all planets
    • Random spawns in the wild will now generally spawn further apart
    • Spawns should no longer end up outside of planetary boundaries
    • Mobs left behind when a lair is destroyed will now despawn on their own if not killed
    • Lairs (and their mobs) will now despawn on their own if no players are nearby for a time
    • The sarlaccs on Tatooine and Dathomir will now disease players who wander too close without protection
    • Added some static spawns to Naboo, Endor, and Dantooine
    • Changed the static spawns at the Sulfur Lake Pirate Hideout on Lok to the correct ones
    • Added static spawns to the Gas Mine on Lok
    • Added static spawns to the Imperial Research Facility on Lok
    • The number of spawns at a destroy mission now varies with the mission's difficulty
    • Ben Kenobi's house is now off limits
    • The rebel hideout on Corellia now has the correct turrets (and they'll now respawn)
    • Many mobs had one or more of their stats/details corrected
    • Adjusted the size of most creatures
    • Fixed the default ranged attack animation for creatures
    • Modified the accuracy calculation for npcs/creatures/turrets
    • Added wound chance to some npc weapons that were missing it
    • The npc version of the nightsister energy lance now properly does energy damage
    • Creature disease and poison dots should tick for more reasonable amounts
    • Turrets will now attack a random ham pool rather than always health
    • Turret attacks now consider mitigation and posture, will break attack delays, and can now cause wounds
    • Non-GCW faction npcs will now consider a player's faction with their group when deciding whether to be aggressive or not
    • Faction gains/losses from PvE kills are now based on the level of mob that was killed rather than being a static amount
    • Rewrote faction recruiter conversations and fixed some bugs with them
    • More junk dealers are now fully functional
    • Npcs/creatures will no longer react to, attack, or follow invisible staff characters
    • Many mobs will now wander about when not in combat
    • Pack type mobs will now assist one another when attacked
    • AI can now attack other AI and will aggro enemies if they wander too close
    • AI will now return to their spawn point if pulled too far away
    • Improved AI awareness logic
    • Added Event Promoter npcs with a limited selection of decorations for rent
    • Added Bestine museum event
    • Added Cries of Alderaan Act 1 event
    • Added the 2004 Wookiee Life Day event/quest (available during December)
    • Added/rewrote all Geo Lab conversations
    • Fixed issues with Geo Lab door unlocking
    • Key cards in the Geo Lab should now be obtainable and functional
    • Geo lab keypads can now be sliced open
    • Fixed several issues with the Warren
    Theme Parks/Quests
    • Fixed many issues with theme park/quest NPC conversations
    • Factional quests can no longer be attempted while on leave
    • Added support for quests with a destructible building
    • Enemy quest targets are now more aggressive towards the one with the quest
    • Group members can now assist with theme parks/quests provided the quest owner is nearby
    • Escort targets will now take on the faction and status of the player attempting to escort them and will be attackable while being escorted
    • Hedon Istee quest line now requires an elite combat profession to undertake
    • Rewrote RIS armor quest and fixed some issues with it
    • Added Record Keeper npcs
    • Added Nym's theme park
    • Added Lady Valarian theme park
    • Added Zicx bug bomb quest line
    • Added Polished krayt skull quest line
    • Added Lady Hutt quest line
    • Added Arven Wendik quest line
    • Added Blerx Tango quest line
    • Added Boss Nass quest line
    • Added Bren Kingal quest line
    • Added Champhra Biahin quest line
    • Added Chertyl Ruluwoor quest line
    • Added Coraline Dynes quest line
    • Added Corran Horn quest line
    • Added Denell Kel'Vannon quest line
    • Added Didina Lippinoss quest line
    • Added Farious Gletch quest line
    • Added Fixer quest line
    • Added Gilker Budz quest line
    • Added Ging Darjeek quest line
    • Added Gins Darone quest line
    • Added Gramm Rile quest line
    • Added Hal Horn quest line
    • Added Haleen Snowline and Hagrin Zeed quest lines
    • Added Huff Zinga quest line
    • Added Igbi Freemo quest line
    • Added Ikka Gesul quest line
    • Added Irenez and Garm Bel Iblis quest line
    • Added Jadam Questrel quest line
    • Added Jaleela Bindoo quest line
    • Added Jilljoo Jab quest line
    • Added Kaeline Ungasan quest line
    • Added Kirkin Liawoon quest line
    • Added Kormund Thrylle quest line
    • Added Leb Slesher quest line
    • Added Lergo Brazee quest line
    • Added Lian Byrne quest line
    • Added Lorne Prestar quest line
    • Added Lt. Harburik quest line
    • Added Luthin Dlunar quest line
    • Added Mourno Draver quest line
    • Added Mozo Bondog and Dolac Legasi quest line
    • Added Mullud Bombo quest line
    • Added Noren Krast quest line
    • Added Nurla Slinthiss quest line
    • Added Om Aynat quest line
    • Added Oxil Sarban quest line
    • Added Palejo Reshad quest line
    • Added Phinea Shantee quest line
    • Added Radlee Mathiss quest line
    • Added Raxa Binn quest line
    • Added Rovim Minnoni quest line
    • Added Ruwan Tokai quest line
    • Added Sergeant Tarl and Gillad Pellaeon quest lines
    • Added Sidoras Bey quest line
    • Added Sigrix Slix quest line
    • Added Sindra Lintikoor quest line
    • Added Slooni Jong quest line
    • Added Stella quest line
    • Added Stoos Olko quest line
    • Added Talon Karrde quest line
    • Added Tamvar Senzen quest line
    • Added Thrackan Sal Solo quest line
    • Added Tolan Nokkar quest
    • Added Vana Sage quest line
    • Added Vordin Sildor quest line
    • Added Wallaw Loowobbli quest line
    • Added Wilhalm Skrim and Prefect Talmont quest line
    • Added Xalox Guul quest line
    • Added Xarot Korlin quest line
    • Out of range messages from intimidate use are now only broadcast to the player who used the command
    • Bleeds from weapon dots will now consider the target's bleed resist skill
    • Bleeds from special attacks will now consider the target's combat bleeding defense skill
    • Poison and disease from weapon dots and combat medics will now consider the target's poison/disease resist skill
    • Fires from weapon dots will now consider the target's fire resist skill
    • Accuracy while moving skill mods now function to reduce the penalty to accuracy caused by moving
    • Weapon range modifier now displays next to one's target
    • Fixed an exploit that allowed a player to get more xp than intended
    • Counterattacks will now attack
    • It is no longer possible to attack with a ranged weapon while prone and in melee range
    • Commands with a verbal component will now only have it broadcast a minimum of once every 30 seconds.
    • NPCs can now be affected by dizzy
    • The stunned state now properly reduces damage done

    • Padded armor belts can now be crafted with sockets
    • Pet deeds now have stats and can be tamed or sampled from
    • Unattackable creatures can no longer be sampled from
    Bounty Hunter:
    • Bounty mission targets will no longer be aggressive or stalkers
    • Added a few more possible bounty mission targets
    • The direction and distance reported by a BH droid should now be accurate if you're inside a structure when the droid reports back
    • Arakyd droids should no longer land inside structures, but will no longer follow you
    • Arakyd droids will now despawn if not used after a time
    • It is now possible to intimidate, taunt, and warcry while kneeling
    • Fixed the unarmed damage skill mod not adding as much damage as it should
    • All carbineer cone attacks have had their cone width increased
    • Wild shot 2 is now a cone attack
    • High quality Parwan Nutricake should no longer leave one permanently tired
    • Parwan Nutricake and K-18 rations should now properly reduce burst run's HAM cost and can no longer be used while burst run is active
    Creature Handler:
    • Tamed pets will now retain the (baby) in their name until explicitly renamed
    • A pet must now be taught 4 unique commands in order to be named
    • Pet level checks when trading and calling now considers the pet's adult level
    • Pets will now show their master's name when examined
    • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused a baby to remain unattackable when taming doesn't complete properly
    • Pets can now attack in PvE and CH xp can be gained via PvE combat
    • Faction awards from PvP kills will now go to a pet's owner if the pet gets the kill
    • Pets will now obey the stay and follow commands when in combat
    • When exiting combat, pets will now return to their pre-combat stay/follow state
    • Pets should now always appear next to you when called
    • It's now possible to group your pets when you aren't the group leader
    • There is now a system message when destroying a pet control device
    • Dead or incapacitated pets will no longer respond to commands issued via /tellpet
    • Pets issued the attack command will remain focused on the command's target until it dies or they are issued a new command
    • Pets will now switch targets when ordered to via the attack command
    • Pets will now respond more promptly to commands issued to them while in combat
    Droid Engineer:
    • Droids now require power in order to obey the group command
    • Interplanetary survey droids are now functional
    Image Designer:
    • The image design process will now properly pull credits from both cash and bank
    • Fixed several bugs in preparation for the day Jedi will be attainable
    • Fixed xp granted by healing, tending wounds, and enhancing
    • /healdamage will now work properly if a lair/turret is targeted
    • It's no longer possible to buff/heal wounds while outdoors in a medical center city
    • Selling an item from stockroom will no longer count the item's size twice in the item limit check
    • Retrieving an item from a vendor now considers the item's size when checking inventory space
    • Re-listing an item from stockroom should no longer move the item to the vendor you're at if it was on a different vendor
    • It will no longer be possible to place items for sale if the merchant has more vendors than their maximum
    • Vendor names on overhead and planetary maps will no longer include the "Vendor: " prefix
    • Droid/terminal vendors in player cities will no longer use the city's name when registered
    • A vendor is now properly considered empty when nothing is for sale (regardless of what else may be on the vendor)
    • It should no longer be possible to register an empty vendor
    • Vendors can no longer be renamed
    • Fixed the subject of vendor emails sent when a sale expires
    • An email will now be sent to citizens when someone registers to run for mayor
    • Fixed text in some city maintenance emails
    • Street lamps can now be placed closer to buildings
    • Attempting to harvest a resource that a creature does not have will now give an error message rather than randomly distributing a different resource
    • Fixed the level displayed when those with the appropriate skill examine a baby creature
    • Added milk to a few more creatures
    • Mask scent and Conceal should now function
    • Fixed many ship part/component schematics
    Squad Leader:
    • The speed of squad leader commands is no longer based on your equipped weapon's speed
    • Squad leader commands now only apply their affects to groups members of the appropriate faction and standing relative to the squad leader
    • Fixed the skill needed for certification with the Black Sun Executioner's Hack
    • Stats on looted items will now have more variability
    • Weapons no longer decay when cloning and no longer can be insured
    • Fixed the formula for decay based stat reduction for weapons/armor/vehicles
    • Broken armor now offers no protection
    • Statues, fountains, and street lamps should now have pickup/move/rotate radial menu options when dropped in a building
    • Firework show packages are now functional
    • Throwpillow schematic now has two additional variants
    • Added functionality to treasure maps
    • Mandalorian armor now has it's profession restrictions
    • Added player unity (marriage)
    • Added /registerwithlocation command for those with the appropriate skill
    • Adjusted the formula for secondary stat (strength, quickness, willpower) ham cost adjustment
    • Players will no longer lose faction points if killed by a factional NPC. PvP deaths still cause faction point loss.
    • It should no longer be possible to set an invalid skill title
    • All species should now be able to learn and use all of the languages appropriate to them
    • Newly created characters should now all start knowing the appropriate language skills
    • Deleted characters can now be removed from friends list and structure permission lists
    • It is no longer possible to place structures outside of planetary boundaries
    • Structure damaged emails now include the planet name that the structure is on
    • Player structures that run out of maintenance will now deduct funds from a players bank account (if present) prior to decaying
    • Guilds can now be renamed
    • Emails are now sent to guild members when a guild name changes, guild leader changes, or when a guild is disbanded
    • Guild naming/renaming now properly checks the naming filter
    • Guild leaders are now able to kick members from the guild management terminal
    • /guildremove can now be used to kick other members
    • Added nearest mission for group way point functionality
    • Reduced vehicle repair prices
    • A vehicle's name will now signify when it has been disabled
    • Vehicles now have resists
    • A vehicle can no longer be generated while indoors
    • /purchaseticket can now be used to purchase round trip tickets or to purchase tickets for other departure locations
    • /purchaseticket now requires one to be close to a travel ticket terminal
    • It should no longer be possible for terrorists to destroy a shuttle
    • Added /who command
    • Added Veteran reward system
    • Added /flashspeeder command usable by those who have selected the flash speeder as a veteran reward
    • Color codes are now filtered out of item names during crafting and when vendors/bazaar sends in game mails
    • Setting a way point name no longer toggles the way point
    • General chat is now an auto joined chat channel
    • When bait is lost while fishing, the rest of the stack will now be fresh
    • It should no longer be possible to ignore chat from a staff character
    • Added/improved more staff commands
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    ayy there we go all right that's what I'm talkin about hell ya

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    Woot! Here we go.

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    Finally i can /registerwithlocation and that means people will know where docs are available where and when they need it...

    so much work put into this, it's incredible..

    my favorites :
    Reduced vehicle repair prices
    Added Veteran reward system
    *that looong list of questline adds*
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    just kidding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lolindir View Post
    /purchaseticket now requires one to be close to a travel ticket terminal
    This.. what? What? Nooooooo!!!

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    I liked the AI Awakens front page picture

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    Quote Originally Posted by fear_town View Post
    This.. what? What? Nooooooo!!!
    Don't freak out just yet...


    ... It's being reviewed.

    Remember gang: we are still very much in ALPHA testing phase.

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    1h last 30d
    You folks are the best. Thanks so much for making this awesome game better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nee2earth View Post
    Don't freak out just yet...


    ... It's being reviewed.

    Remember gang: we are still very much in ALPHA testing phase.
    Is this something that would have to wait for next pub, or is it something that would be hotfixed in?

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    Woohoo... So who wants to get hitched?

    Ianril <NRN> -|- Sii <NRN> : Drop Off @ 1148 -5324 South Cnet

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    So a quick question is there that ETA that was mentioned in the Pre-merge front page notes?

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