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Thread: Liberator Update 1/28/2011

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    Liberator Update 1/28/2011

    The following fixes have been added to the Liberator server:

    • Fixed an exploit that allowed for items to be duped through the use of the Bazaar system.
    Galactic Civil War
    • A bug causing faction points to be awarded with unreasonable values has been fixed.
    Combat System
    • Members of a group that kill a creature with HAM greater than 8000 must now hit the creature at least once to gain credit for the kill.
    • Members of a group that kill a creature with HAM less than 8000 must now be alive and in 80m range to get credit for the kill.

    These changes were implemented in an effort to reduce the number of exploits occurring in game. The amount of development time spent completing this was minimal and will not take away from progress on Nova Test Center. Please be aware that future updates to Liberator Galaxy will be rare and small without any features being implemented.

    Happy Testing!

    The SWGEmu Team
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