Greetings SWGEmu Community,

We need your help!

Some major updates have been made to the GCW faction bases which are currently being tested. Our Dev and QA teams would like to invite you all to join a large scale PVP base takedown on TC:Nova.
Basilisk will not be taken down for this event.

What, where, when?

TC: Nova PvP Event: Base War
Rebels report to /waypoint 1952 4327 Tatooine
Imperials report to /waypoint 1764 4379 Tatooine
Saturday, March 12, 2016 at 2:00pm EST
check your local time here

How can I help?

Testing Focus:
  • Any Combat Profession/Any Template
  • Mechanics of PVP faction base takedown
  • Turret functionality (attack speed/strength/target selection/damage types)
  • Turret resists and armor rating
  • Turret control
  • Changes in state attacks and battle fatigue
  • Healing and rezzing fixes/changes
  • Assist command
  • PVP Rating (command: /showpvprating)
  • Feign Death
  • Doctor/Entertainer registration in faction bases and related perks
    Please see Publish 8 Checklist for more information

Report any bugs you find!
A guide on how to report bugs can be found here
Please remember to search Mantis first before filing your own report(s)

What will be supplied?

PVP Faction Bases
Blue Frogs
Faction Cloning Facilities (equipped with recruiter and a buff terminal)

Preparation for the event

We strongly advise those who would like to participate in this event to jump on Nova in the upcoming couple of weeks to prepare some gear and consumables. While frog items will be readily available, they cannot compare to player-crafted items. Things to prepare ahead of time:
  • Armor (most important in this event due to turret damage)- New better armor - Composite, Kashyyykian, & Ithorian - is now offered on Blue Frogs, however it is strongly advised to at least slice the pieces to highest possible base. 90% base/38% stun crafted armor would of course fare best
  • Weapons
  • Stims/buffs/DOTs
  • Food/Drinks ARE NOT available on the frog and need to be crafted

How will this help?

Any bugs that are found now can be addressed before the new code is merged to Basilisk with the upcoming Publish 8. We’re counting on your support to achieve this goal.

~ The SWGEmu Staff