In the past months hostile tusken activity all over Tatooine has been on the rise. However, majority of conflicts seem to take place in the areas surrounding the bustling city of Gorath. Gorath government has been turning its attention to the series of frequent attacks by tusken groups on both hunting parties, and merchants entering and exiting the city.

Investigation performed by Gorath scouts as well as a group of well trusted mercenaries revealed that a large-scale tusken attack will be carried out against Gorath later this week. Current numbers of tusken force are unknown, but investigation suggests that this invasion will be of unprecedented scale.

Gorath mayor and militia are calling for YOUR help. If this invasion is not stopped, not only great harm will come to Gorath citizens but tusken threat will be a great danger to the entire planet.

EVENT HOST: City of Gorath and Shozor
WHERE: Gorath, Tatooine (waypoint -2798 -4604)
WHEN: January 23, 2016 at 12:00pm CST
check local time here

Staff Buffs and Heals will be provided
Please note, this is a player hosted event therefore no badges will be awarded. As always, event mobs will not drop any loot.