Temenos Island Spooky Spectacular
Saturday, October 17th, 2pm EDT

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Join us at Temenos Island, Naboo for our 'Temenos Island Spooky Spectacular' hosted by Flourish!

Come 'dressed to kill' in your spookiest halloween costume, there's a 500k prize for the scariest costume! Then visit Temenos Island's haunted house at -1181 411 for a horribly spooky adventure. For those who survive we will be hosting the Miss Basilisk beauty pageant at the Last dance cafe -852 268.

At this contest, the most beautiful female characters on our server will compete in Casual, formal and bikini for the title of Miss Basilisk 2015. While the judges decide on the winners you will be entertained with some trivia. The winners of the pageant will win;

1st place 1 million credits + a commemorative statue
2nd place 500k
3rd place 250k

Contact Fuega ingame if you wish to compete in this pageant! Registration closes one hour before event start.

After all these thrills and excitement it will be time for some relaxing and fishing. Grab your fishing pole, watch the dancers and hang out with your fellow Basilisk players in our halloween themed party area.

We look forward to seeing you there! If you have any questions, feel free to mail Fuega.