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    TALUS: Imperial Outpost Defense

    TALUS: Imperial Outpost Defense

    SWGEmu Event Staff

    Wh@T: Imperials VS Rebels
    WH3R3: Imperial Outpost Talus (-2184 2405)
    WH3N: July 18th, 2015
    TIM3: 2-5pm EST
    Check your time HERE

    Imperials will defend the outpost on first round. The said victor will be the faction that defends it next. There will be a 10 minute pause between each round for rebuffs and cloning. Round will continue until EC sees fit to announce the victor. There will be 4 rounds and then a tie breaker if needed. Following the PvP there will be a spawn of event mobs (no loot) for fun.

    1) No one will be teleported to or from the event location.
    2) Buffs will be given in the beginning of each round and between.
    3) There will be no rezzing from Staff except between rounds. If you are killed you must clone otherwise.
    4) You must use the recruiter staff will not turn you any faction (need 200 to join if neutral)
    5) Each faction will have a camp and must stay at that camp until EC calls each round.
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