Temenos Island Summer Spectacular
Saturday, July 25th, 2pm EDT
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It is time for another great event in Temenos Island, Naboo hosted by Flourish!

Bring your swimsuits, summer clothing and friends with you for some fun in the sun! We will be having a swimsuit contest, racing, a scavenger hunt, and a beach party all for your enjoyment!

Temenos Islandís 2nd Annual Swimsuit Contest
There will be both a menís and womenís category for this competition. Prizes will be awarded in the amount of 500k and a cafe parasol for the first place in each category and 250k and a Piece of Art for second place. Please send a mail to Izzmea if you would like to participate in this competition.

Temenos Islandís Bantha Indy 500
Our creature handlers have found a breed of Bantha that seem to be native to our lovely island! Come join us as they show off their speed and agility in our first Bantha Indy 500! Trained non-ch Bantha mounts will be available on site, first come first serve basis. Every participant gets a rare Bantha Statue for participating and prizes will be awarded on top of that. First prize will be 500k and a RIS Painting, second prize will be 250k and a Gambling Table, third prize will be 50k and a Bantha Horn Figurine. Please send a mail to Izzmea if you would like to compete in this.

Temenos Islandís Great Jawa Scavenger Hunt
It seems as if some Jawas have found our Banthas and taken up residence as well on the outskirts of town. There have been reports of droids going missing and being resold all over the neighboring cities. Come help us gather our droids back up from those mischievous Jawas. The first person to complete this scavenger hunt will win a custom droid and a Wanted: Trandoshian Poster, second prize will get a set of Wanted Posters Luke/Leia/Han, and all participants will get a basic model c3po deed.

We look forward to seeing you there! If you have any questions, feel free to mail Izzmea.