Basilisk PvE Event
'Sons of Jar Jar'
July 11, 2015
SWGEmu EC Staff

Urgent Holonet Transmission

For some time now, authorities on Naboo have been concerned about the activities of a Gungan resistance movement known as the 'Sons of Jar Jar'. It now appears that the group is about to put their radical idea of a 'Gungan dominated Naboo' into action. The recent buildup of Gungan warriors at a stronghold in the Kadaara region and reports that these extremists have successfully reactivated a score of separatist droids to fight for their cause, is a clear indication to many that an invasion is imminent. The local government at Kadaara has started evacuating citizens and is pleading with all willing combatants to join the fight against the Gungan threat.

Participants in the battle will receive the Good Samaritan badge.

Players who have received this badge previously will not be eligible to receive it again!

What, where, when?

Bailisk PvE Event: Sons of Jar Jar
Naboo, Kadaara, WP 5030 6630
Saturday, July 11, 2015, 4pm EDT
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What will be supplied?

Area Buffs
Area Rez/heals where possible

~ The SWGEmu EC Staff