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Thread: TC: Nova PvP Event: Fear & Loading in Mos Espa - PvP Test - 5/2/15

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    TC: Nova PvP Event: Fear & Loading in Mos Espa - PvP Test - 5/2/15

    TC: Nova PvP Event
    Fear & Loading in Mos Espa
    SWGEmu Staf

    Greetings SWGEmu Community,

    We need your help!

    Some fundamental changes have been made to the combat system which are currently being tested. Our Dev and QA teams would like to invite you all to join a large scale PvP battle on TC:Nova.

    What, where, when?

    TC: Nova PvP Event: Fear & Loading in Mos Espa
    Rebels report to WP -2900 2500
    Imperials report to WP -3000 2212
    Saturday, May 2nd 2015, 4pm EDT
    click here to check your local time

    Mos Espa will be in lockdown for this event, entry to the city will be by shuttle only!

    How can I help?

    Test Everything!

    * Any Combat Profession/Any Template
    * Ability to attack players who are loading in (or lack thereof)
    * Combat spam for incurred wounds and battle fatigue, posture changes, armor mitigation and state application/removal
    * Grenade combat spam
    * Applying multiple dots of the same type and pool to a target
    * Reapplying a dot with the same or greater strength
    * Multiple attributes wounded by a single attack
    * PvP "House TEFs"
    * Non-damaging state attacks (warcry, intimidate, etc.)
    * Intimidation
    * Counter attacks
    * The chance to successfully stand while dizzy
    * Adjusted melee combat range
    etc etc

    Report any bugs you find!

    A guide on how to report bugs can be found here.

    What will be supplied?

    Blue Frogs
    Faction Recruiters
    Cloning Facilities
    Area Buffs/Heals/Res

    How will this help?

    Any bugs that are found now can be addressed before the new combat code is merged to Basilisk with the upcoming Publish 7. We’re counting on your support to achieve this goal.

    ~ The SWGEmu Staff
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