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Thread: Temenos Island Spring Open - April 25, 2015

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    Temenos Island Spring Open - April 25, 2015

    Temenos Island Spring Open - Fishing
    Tournament & Decor Contest Winners

    Temenos Island, Naboo
    April 25th, 2:00 - 4:00pm EDT

    Check your local time here

    The spring fishing season is about to start in Temenos Island! Come celebrate
    the occasion by participating in a fun and friendly fishing party. If you don't
    like to fish, that's OK. Come hang out and enjoy the beautiful pastoral scenery
    of Naboo's Lake District.

    At 2:15pm EDT the Temenos Island Decorating Contest Houses will be open
    to the public for your viewing pleasure (Temenos Island, Naboo -675, 630),
    come take a tour of their amazing creations! At 2:45pm EDT the winners of
    the Temenos Island Decorating Contest will be announced. See some of the
    best decorators on the server be acknowledged.

    The fishing party will begin at 3:00pm EDT. Come early to get set up,
    mingle with fellow anglers, and find your perfect fishing hole or just come to
    enjoy the beach on the beautiful lake. Share fun times, entertainment, and
    stories about the one that got away as we bask in the glory of springtime!
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