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Thread: Star Wars Galaxies are coming home

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    Ok guys, John Smedley are CLEARLY friends(we're friended on the forums) which means I have the inside scoop. This is legit! Better lose your "IhateSOE" character names!

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    Quote Originally Posted by aslakbe View Post
    @elmorisco: The Little Mermaid Lyric Video on Youtube is NOT Daybreak's announce.
    Awww... really?

    Quote Originally Posted by aslakbe View Post
    He tried to pull that off in another thread as well. Should have been 13 year limit to post on the forum here.
    Holy words darling, holy words!..
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    Quote Originally Posted by John Smedley View Post

    Alright already, i believe you.

    There is no higher authority than ice cream.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Feozis View Post
    Come on weedie, you know exactly what will happen to customer service. It will be out sourced to India or Pakistan.
    There goes my job. I'll have to learn to code. :

    p.s. Remember i'm at sea. The PDF file for the employment app keeps getting clipped from size restrictions. Different format to same mail if they can.

    I'm one of the local SoCal kids. I should get special services. hehe.
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    wut. is. going. on. :U

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    This is a very Good 1. April Fool Joke

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Smedley View Post
    Vlada already notified us about this, I was assured by our support team that the issue will be resolved in the next hour or so.
    Mr. Smedley,
    Will you be hosting any type of Q&A concerning this new acquisition by Daybreak? What kind of time frame will we be looking for to move the servers from their current location to Daybreak servers? Will the current coders continue to work on the code? I am sure we all have lots of questions and hope you will consider a sit down with the community.

    Thank you,
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    So if this IS legit, does this mean SWG-Emu will be worked on a lot more so we can expect a release sometime in the near future?!?

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    bit hard to believe now that niffer telling people its not real??

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    Mr. Smedley, I'm so happy to hear of this takeover. However, the current SWGEmu project lacks a lot of New things for players to do in the Game, is there any chance that such Enhancements could be implemented in the future?

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    nice touch mr smedley. 4 posts now. well done you. is it? isn't it? will it? won't it? could it? should it? I'll wait a few days then see if it is or not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Smedley View Post
    Our Community Managers will be taking over SWGEmu forums in the next 24 hours, on their recommendation we will decide whether or not to move forums to our boxes right away or continue to use current ones till contracts SWGEmu has with their hosts expire. They will be around 24/7 though and authorized to answer any questions you may have.
    So... no more vlada?? excellent news!

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    Is there a firm date the NGE will be implemented?

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    Quote Originally Posted by talanchurch View Post
    So... no more vlada?? excellent news!
    I'm sure Bono will be pleased

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    nearly an hour so that link should be up and updated soon

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