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Thread: TC:Nova Event: Death Watch Bunker Stress Test - 03/21/15

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    TC:Nova Event: Death Watch Bunker Stress Test - 03/21/15

    TC: Nova Event - Death Watch Bunker Stress Test
    SWGEmu Staff

    Greetings SWGEmu Community,

    We need your help!

    Development and testing of the Death Watch Bunker dungeon has come to a stage where a large scale test of the new features is desirable. To achieve this we would like to invite you to participate in our TC:Nova Death Watch Bunker Stress Test event.

    What, where, when?

    TC:Nova Death Watch Bunker Stress Test
    WP -4680, 4330 (Closest SP is Smuggler’s Outpost)
    Saturday, March 21st 2015, 4pm-?pm EDT
    click here to check your local time

    How can I help?


    Due to the nature of this dungeon we are planning to send groups in at scheduled 20 minute intervals.

    Although registration is not required to participate, we would appreciate it if you could register beforehand so we can allocate times for your group to enter the DWB.

    To register as an individual simply reply to this thread with the character name and skill template you intend to use.

    If you are familiar with the DWB and are willing to lead a group we would love to hear from you, we will add your name to the groupleaders list and assign registered individual players to your group. To register as a group leader simply reply to this thread with the character name and skill template you intend to use and announce your willingness to lead a group.

    If you’re a guild leader or mayor, send out mails and try get a group together to represent your guild or city. Once you have a full group, register your team with us by replying to this thread with your team name.

    Read the guides

    The Complete Guide to Death Watch Bunker
    Death Watch Bunker Map
    Mandalorian Armor and Jetpack guide
    Jetpack game guide
    Guide to getting your DE-10
    Death Watch for Dummies

    Test Everything!

    DWB crafting
    Mandalorian armor and jetpack
    Any and all npc conversations
    Skill checks
    Door locks
    DWB quests
    etc etc

    Report any bugs you find!

    We have set up a DWB dedicated page on Mantis to track any issues that may be found during the event. You can find it here.
    A guide on how to report bugs can be found here.

    What will be supplied?

    Boba Fett NPC
    Blue Frog
    Cloning Facility
    Area Buffs
    Components required for DWB crafting

    How will this help?

    The aim of this event is to find any issues with the DWB dungeon as our Dev and QA teams work towards completing the Publish 7 checklist. Any bugs that are found now can be addressed before the dungeon is merged to Basilisk. We’re counting on your support to achieve this goal.

    ~ The SWGEmu Staff
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